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Applicators Bottles

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Applicator bottles arenít just for hair color. You can use them to apply gel, cholesterol treatments, conditioners and any time you need to dispense liquids, lotions or gels. For precision hair color application, choose an applicator bottle that has graduated measurements printed on it. You can measure your color and activator correctly and easily.

The applicator is designed to help you get into even the thickest hair easily and apply hair color evenly and quickly. A hair color service depends on even application. Since the tips are long enough to help you separate the hair, you will get an even application every time. You can hold enough product to apply color and conditioner to the thickest and longest hair.

The small travel size applicator bottle is perfect for samples or small application uses such as setting gel. Our flip top applicator bottle makes filling the bottle easy and efficient. If you are using your bottles for cholesterol or conditioning treatments you will appreciate the wide mouth design. The wide opening helps you to load the bottle up without spilling cholesterol and conditioner making a mess.

The high density plastic holds up to use and will not crack or leak and the lids screw on securely. All of them are small enough to be handled easily but large enough to hold the amount of product you need. They are easy to clean up and will come clean with just soap and water.

All of our products are made with the finest materials and we guarantee your satisfaction with every purchase.
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