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Since the curling iron came on the market in the late 1970ís it has remained pretty much the same with only a few minor advances. One of the best improvements is the addition of a ceramic barrel. Ceramic holds and distributes heat evenly. This means there are no hot spots on the curling iron or in your hair. The ceramic barrel also creates ions. These ions help to keep your hair fresh by destroying bacteria that builds up in your hair. They also help to control frizz by making the hair smooth.

Your hair is usually made up of three layers. The inner most layer, also called the medulla, is usually present only in dark or thick hair. The medulla gives hair weight. Your hairís cortex contains the keratin and proteins that give your hair its structure and strength. The outer layer, or cuticle, is made up of small scales that overlap and protect the cortex. A ceramic barrel curling iron seals and smoothes the cuticle layer to protect the cortex of you hair and give it a silky smooth feel. A smooth cuticle layer also catches the light and makes your hair extremely shiny.

Our ceramic barrel curling irons can reach up to 400 degrees. This locks the curl and makes it last. Todayís hairstyles demand a styling tool that can deliver results and a ceramic barrel curling iron can do just that. Whether you want a head of curls or just some lift and body, you can get the style you want quickly and easily.

All of our products are professional quality. We guarantee that no matter what styling tool you purchase, you will be satisfied.
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