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Flat Irons

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(9)1 - 9
Flat Irons have become a standard in a stylist’s toolbox and the go-to tool for home stylists. The high heat and design of flat irons smooth the hair and make it shiny and straight. You can even use flat irons to create flips and waves. Home stylists like the convenience and ease with which a flat iron can be used.

One of the newest innovations in flat irons is the ceramic plate. When exposed to heat, the ceramic material produces negative ions and far infrared heat. Negative ions combat frizz and produce a germicidal effect to keep your hair clean and fresh. Far infrared heat produces a heat that is distributed evenly through the hair to prevent hot spots.

Tourmaline is infused with Nano Silver technology that also helps to get rid of bacteria in your hair and promote even heat distribution. Some of our ceramic-plate flat irons are coated with silicone to help the flat iron glide smoothly through your hair. Many of our models can be used on wet or dry hair for styling ease and convenience.

We have models that can heat in less than 60 seconds and reach up to 420 degrees. Sizes range from ˝ inch to up to 3 inches. All of our ceramic-flat irons are ergonomically designed so that you can use them all day without stressing your hands. This is important for stylists who work in busy salons as more clients mean more money in your pocket. For the home stylist this feature is important for ease of use and flexibility.

All of our ceramic-plate flat irons are of professional quality. You can be assured that we carry only the finest brands and models available today and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase.
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