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Hair color services are one of the most profitable services that a hair stylist can do. If you can perfect your hair color services you can guarantee that you will be booked solid and make more money. But hair color services can also be the trickiest to achieve the results your clients want. Even the best hair colorist can need some help achieving the right color. Hair can be porous and color may not be absorbed evenly. Underlying red or gold tones can make hair look brassy or orange. These problems can be easily remedied with color correctors, protectants and treatments.

Hair color is based on the natural color wheel. This means that red neutralizes green, purple neutralizes yellow and blue neutralizes orange. Selecting the right color correction products will be dependent upon the underlying color you are trying to get rid of in your client’s hair. Sometimes you will need to add a neutralizing color to the hair color and other times you will need to apply it with a shampoo. We carry all types of color correction products to meet your needs.

Hair has an outer layer made of small overlapping scales called the cuticle layer. For hair color to be absorbed by the hair and be even, the cuticle layer must be healthy. If it is not then you will get spotty coverage. Our protectants can help to keep the cuticle layer smooth and healthy. This will enable you to achieve the vibrant even colors that you clients want.

Our treatment products are intensive moisturizing and restructuring treatments. If the hair is moisturized and healthy you will get the best results from your hair color. The hair color molecules will enter the hair shaft evenly and there won’t be any over processing to cause damage.

All of our color correction products, protectants and treatments are professional grade to give you the tools you need to create beautiful color and keep your clients coming back for more.
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