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You left the salon in love with your new hair color. A few weeks pass and your color is looking faded and dull. What do you do? Go back and have another color service? There is another option. Color enhancement shampoos contain color molecules, without the developer of hair color, to give your color a boost and make it last longer between color services.
Hair is made up of layers. The outer layer is called the cuticle. It is made up of small overlapping scales that the developer in hair color opens and deposits the hair color molecules into the inner layers of your hair. As time goes by the hair color molecules move out of the inner layers and this can make your hair color fade and start to look dull.

A color enhancement shampoo replaces some of the missing hair color molecules to bring your color back and make it last longer. These shampoos also protect your hair and keep it healthy so that your color will not fade and your hair will be shiny. They give your color treated hair the care it needs to stay looking fresh.

Sometimes hair color can look brassy or orange. That is because your hair has a natural underlying color that doesn’t become apparent until after your natural dominant color is removed or changed. Color enhancement shampoos can help to neutralize unwanted red or gold tones. Natural gray can look mousy and yellow from minerals in your water and exposure to the elements. Brightening shampoos make your gray hair look silver and shiny by removing the unwanted yellow color.

All of our color enhancement shampoos are professional quality and will help to keep your color looking salon fresh. Used with our color enhancement conditioners, they will help your color last between salon visits.

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