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Hair color services are a stylist’s bread and butter. If you can create beautiful hair color, you can fill your books and make more money. Clients will be coming back to you every four to six weeks for touch ups and referring their friends and family to you, too. One of the most challenging things a stylist faces is color correction. Many times a new client will come to you to fix her hair. You need to remove the old color before you can achieve the desired color she is longing for. That is where color removers and neutralizers come in.

Hair is made of layers. Hair color molecules reside in the inner layer or cortex and enter through the outer layer also called the cuticle. Once you apply semi, demi or permanent hair color, some of the natural color molecules are removed and the hair color replaces them. You can not lighten colored hair with hair color; color does not remove color. You need color removers for this procedure.

Color removers remove the hair color molecules from within the hair matrix so that you can replace them with the correct color. They do not restore the hair back to the natural color, but rather give you a clean palette. This enables you to apply the correct color and achieve the results your client was looking for originally.

Everyone’s hair has a natural underlying pigment. Sometimes when you color your hair that pigment comes out and can make your hair color look brassy or yellow. Neutralizers can help to remove these underlying pigments and give you the true color you desired. They can also help to brighten gray hair by removing the yellow pigment that can be present.

All of our color removers and neutralizers are professional quality. They will help you to become the go to stylist for color correction and your book and pockets will be full.

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