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To achieve a great color service you need more than just color and developer. You need the right tools and accessories so that you can do your job quickly and efficiently. A hair color service is more than just applying color to the hair and letting it process. Without the proper tools you wonít be able to create deep vibrant color, bright shining highlights or deep rich lowlights. Youíll end up with a mess that will make you an amateur and your client very unhappy.

Coloring brushes help you to apply color and bleach to the hair evenly and quickly. They are also useful to mix the color in the bowl. Most coloring brushes come with a long handle that you can use to section the hair as you go and some even come with multiple style heads for a variety of application options.

Trays help to keep all of your coloring supplies close at hand. When you can reach your supplies your color service goes quickly and you will be able to service more clients in a day. This means more clients on your book and more money in your pocket.

It is important to have the correct type of foil for highlights and lowlights. You canít just go down the street and by any old aluminum foil and cut it up. You need high quality professional foils that bend easily and are the right weight to work with. These pre-cut foils are also a helpful tool to speed up your service. They fold correctly and help to prevent bleed-outs that make your highlights and lowlights look sloppy.

No matter what you need to complete your hair color toolbox, we have the high quality professional grade coloring brushes, caps, trays, foils and accessories to meet your demanding needs and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchases.
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