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Crimping & Wave Irons

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After the flat iron became popular a new product arrived on the scene. A crimping and wave iron can give you lots of style with little effort. Not just for creating fullness in your style, these creative tools can help you to produce beautiful and innovative designs in your client’s hair. Become a fashion diva with our crimping and wave irons.

One of the most versatile tools that we carry is the Wage Rage 4-in-1 Palm Straightener. With this handy little tool you can create crimps, circles, wave designs or just straighten your client’s hair. Although this little wonder is small and fits in the palm of your hand, it delivers the power of a full size crimping iron. The plates lock into place for safety and are stored easily. The dual voltage feature ensures that you will be ready to create stunning styles no matter where you may go.

Many of our crimping and wave irons are dual purpose with crimping and wave plates and regular flat iron plates. Plates switch out with the flick of a switch and give you the versatility you need in today’s salon. The ceramic in the plates produce high infrared heat that crimps and waves the hair from the inside out to retain moisture, fight frizz and produce negative ions. Negative ions also help to prevent and fight frizz and keep your hair protected by producing even heat.

All of our crimping and wave irons are professional grade, ergonomically designed and made from the finest materials available. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase.
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