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Every color service, except for the application of temporary color, requires a developer. Each bleach service requires peroxide and a toner to achieve the proper level of lightening and color. An experienced stylist knows that the proper level of developer and strength of peroxide will give her expert results. If you can become a color expert you will have a full book and a profitable and successful career.

It is the developer that creates the chemical reaction in the hair that opens the cuticle layer makes it accept hair color. Developers generally come in 20, 30 and 40 volume strengths. A basic coloring service requires a 20 volume developer. This strength will lift hair color two stages and is gentle enough to use on almost all hair types. If you need extra lift you may have to use a 30 or 40 volume developer. You must be careful, though not to use a developer that is too strong or you will “blow out” the cuticle and your color will not be even and fade quickly. Too strong of a developer can also damage the hair and cause breakage.

Peroxide in lighteners not only open the cuticle but create a chemical reaction that enables the lightener to remove the natural hair color molecules present in hair. These lighteners will also remove color molecules from previous hair color applications. Once the hair is lightened to the desired level, toners add color and help you to achieve pastel blonds, soft caramels, deep browns and vivid reds. Toners can also help to reduce brassy and gold tones.

All of these products are for use by professionals. We guarantee that they are of the highest quality and freshness and that you will be satisfied with their performance.
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