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Eyebrow & Lash Tint

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Your eyebrows frame your face. They create depth and highlight your eyes. When we age sometimes our eyebrows can get thin or the color may fade or turn gray. When you change your hair color you may want your eyebrows to match. Natural blondes donít have dark brown or black eyebrows so by tinting your brows you can give your clients a more natural look.

Unlike color used on the head, eyebrow color and tint is formulated to be safer for use around your eyes. Traditional hair color contains ingredients that can cause damage to your eyes or even blindness. Eyebrow color and tints do not contain the same ingredients as color used on your head and as such are much safer when used with proper care. A sensitivity test is recommended at least 24 hours before use to test for an allergic reaction.

Eyebrow coloring and tinting can be a profitable add-on to any color service. You can increase your income with an easy application of color or tint and your clients will appreciate the extra care you take. Another opportunity to add this service on is during a waxing visit. Many clients, especially elderly clients, will notice the difference that darker and fuller looking eyebrows make in their facial features. Once you shape their brows with waxing, offer them a brow color or tint. This will not only keep them coming back to you but fill up your book and your pockets.

These products are for professional use only and the directions should be followed closely to prevent injury to your clientís eyes. When used properly we guarantee that you and your clients will be satisfied with their performance.
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