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Eyelashes can be flirty, sexy and seductive. Nothing frames your eyes or adds allure like thick long eyelashes. What can you do if your eyelashes are lacking? Why not try our eyelash extensions and strip lashes? We carry a full line of styles and colors to match your every mood. We even carry a lash growth accelerator to make your natural lashes longer and thicker.

For the most natural look and longest wear, choose our individual lashes. When applied with our special lash adhesive, these lashes will last up to six weeks with proper care. Each group of lashes is made from natural human hair and hand assembled. You can choose from knotted or knot free styles. To apply these lash extensions, put a small dot of adhesive on a clean non-porous surface and gently slide the lashes through the adhesive. Place the lashes gently on top of your natural lashes. Be sure to keep the lashes and adhesive off of your skin because the natural oils in your skin will cause the adhesive to lift. Apply as many extensions as you desire to create a natural look or a full dramatic look.

You can wear these extensions with or without mascara. Do not use oily makeup remover on your eyes when you are wearing these extensions since it will break down the adhesive and cause them to come off. Also use care when cleaning your face and be gentle around your eye area.

We have many styles of lash strips for you to choose from. These are great for a night out or to wear everyday. With proper care, you can apply and re-apply these lash strips many times. The strip adhesive is formulated to come off easily, yet give you durability during use. We have natural and fashion styles to fit any occasion.

No matter which style of eyelashes you prefer, we have the colors and styles you want. All of our products are professional quality and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results.
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