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Gray Cover & Touch-Up Sticks

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Great Coverage for Gray Coverage

Many people who have never colored their hair begin to see a stylist when their hair turns gray. If you ask a stylist, one of the main reasons color clients visit a salon is for gray coverage. Getting a fresh, new color (or highlights, to blend the gray), will help you maintain your youthful appearance.

Your stylist may recommend you should, ideally, visit him or her every four to six weeks to cover your gray to keep on top of new grays coming in. When four weeks pass by so quickly, and your roots are starting to show, you may not have the time, nor the money, to get into the salon to cover those grays. And although your color may still look fresh and new, your gray or white roots showing through can make your hair look faded and drab. There is an easy solution to a monthly, costly salon appointment: touch up sticks, powders, and combs.

Gray coverage products come in a variety of forms, some that look like mascara wands and others that look like lipstick tubes. These products are gentle on your hair, simple to use, and will give you maximum gray coverage without spending your time and money at a salon. They donít include ammonia or peroxide, so youíre not doing any damage or making any permanent changes to your hair.

With simple, do-it-yourself gray coverage products, you can extend the time between salon visits easily and without any harsh chemicals or mess. While you canít stop the inevitable aging process, you can keep your hair looking youthful and great!
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