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Plus, styling your hair with a blow dryer will give you more volume and control. The process of styling with a blow dryer accelerates and controls the structure of hydrogen bonds in your hair.

The first blow dryers weren’t blow dryers at all; they were actually vacuum cleaners. Early vacuum cleaners could both blow air out as well as suck air in, so many stylish women would attach a hose to the exhaust end of their vacuum and blow their hair dry. In the early 1920s, a motor was used to make the first, actual handheld blow dryer. It was made of steel, though, so it was too heavy and bulky to really become popular.

In the 1940s and gas-heated dryers were invented. Unfortunately, gas fumes were unhealthy, so the dryers were replaced by the helmet-shaped electric dryers. By the time the stick-straight hairstyles of the 1960s came around, new models of hair blow dryers did too. These models had silent motors that made the dryer less bulky and quieter.

Only recently has new technology allowed improvements to make the hair dryer work more efficiently, with less heat, and with less damage to your hair. Today, Ionic hair dryers help restore and strengthen your hair. Ionic technology allows the dryer to break down moisture molecules with very little heat. Dryers that boast far-infrared technology dry your hair from the inside out, making them a fast, healthy solution to your hair. Ceramic dryers provide the benefit of negative ions, and they are efficient on coarse or color-treated hair.

With all the updates to hair dryers, you have your pick of any of the latest sleek, sophisticated models. Each of the dryers on the market includes technology that makes blow drying faster, more efficient, and easier to manage your curly or wavy hair.
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