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Your hair contains chemical and salt bonds that determine its natural curl pattern. When your stylist gives you a perm, the type of curl you end up with depends on the hair rods she uses. Hair rods are also known as perm rods. The perm solution breaks your hairís natural curl pattern and the neutralizing solution re-sets your hairís bonds to form around the hair rod. Using the correct hair rod and wrapping your hair correctly is essential to achieve the look and tightness of curl you want. Too small of rods will result in too tight of a curl and too large will have the opposite effect.

Hair rods come in a variety of sizes and styles. Weíre all familiar with the traditional hair rods that are used for perms. But did you know that there are several choices for hair rods available today?
The spiral perms of the 1980ís are making a comeback but as looser and less frizz prone. Spiral hair rods are long flexible foam rods that your stylist wraps your hair around in a spiral pattern, thus the descriptive name of this perm.

Circular hair rods are used for spiral perms and long hair. Your stylist can either wrap your hair in a spiral pattern around the rod or wrap it like a roller set. The ends of circular hair rods lock together so that they will not come loose and stay in even the longest hair. No matter which style or type of hair rod your stylist uses, it is important to choose the correct type for you hair and the desired amount of curl you want.

All hair rods should be cleaned and sanitized after each use according to your state boardís guidelines. Our hair rods are chemical resistant and guaranteed to last. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the professional results you will get from our quality hair rods.
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