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Scissors, Shears, and Shaping

To anyone who cuts hair, you know it is art. Shaping hair with scissors and shears takes precise knowledge, talent, and an artistic eye. But, you also know you can make or break a hair cut with the quality of the scissors of shears you choose to use. The best cutting tools will help you express your creativity, as well as give the results you want.

The term "scissors", the term "shears" are often used interchangeably. To be accurate the term "shears" is actually used for scissors that are longer than 15 cm. Scissors are tools that require little force. They are used for cutting hair and nails. For this reason, many types of scissors are not particularly sharp because it is primarily the shearing between the two blades which does the cutting cuts. That is why the construction and type of scissors you choose becomes important.

Unlike a knife, scissors have two pivoted (or hinged) blades. Because scissors have overlapping blades they are not symmetric. This asymmetry is true regardless of the orientation and the shape of the handles. The blade that is on top always forms the same diagonal regardless of orientation. This is why you can find so many different styles of scissors and shears: Japanese, barbering, thinning, left-handed, stainless, alloy, forged steel and more. There are scissors to fit every hand and every cutting style.

Whether you cut hair that is wet or dry, fine or coarse, straight or curly, you can find shears and scissors to suit your needs. Your creativity and skill will shine through the right tools.
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