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One of the hottest looks and most profitable services are highlights and lowlights. Highlights add shimmer and light to the hair. Lowlights add depth and richness. Highlights can be chunky or fine as well as lowlights that can also be chunky or woven carefully through the hair. A mixture of highlights and lowlights adds not only shine and depth but gives a natural sun-kissed look to your hair. Funky colors and pastels add playfulness and style. Hair color can be fun and highlights and lowlights can add an extra element of style and fun to your client’s hair.

Both highlights and lowlights start with bleach and developer. Bleach is mixed with developer and applied to the hair either in foils or through a cap. Once the hair has processed to the desired level of lightness, a tint may be applied to achieve the desired color. Normally a demi or semi-permanent color is used. Tints can help control unwanted reds and gold tones that may appear after hair is lightened.

Our highlight kits come with everything you need to highlight your hair. They are gentle on your hair and contain conditioners to make your hair soft and shiny. Our frosting and tipping caps are sectioned and marked to help you pull the right amount of hair and place your high and lowlights correctly. They are sturdy and bleed-proof. This helps your to keep your high and lowlights where they need to be and even.

All of our highlight kits and accessories are professional quality and should be used only by professionals. We guarantee that with proper use you will be satisfied with their performance.
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