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Your time is money. The easier you can style your client’s hair, the more clients you can do in a day. Why not make the most of your time and use a hot-air curling brush? These innovative appliances combine the speed of a blow dryer and the styling of a curling iron. You can add lift at the roots, soft waves or a head full of glorious curls in just one step.

We carry several styles and brands of hot-air curling brushes. Many of them have a lock-in feature that holds the hair tight while drying and curling and an easy release for prevention of tangles. Some of them have ceramic barrels that distribute heat evenly and produce high infrared heat that is very gently on the hair. Ceramic also creates ions that help reduce frizz and protect the hair from heat damage. The models with aluminum or gold/aluminum barrels deliver heat right to the center of the hair for speed in drying and maximum styling.

Our hot-air curling brushes have from 300 to 800 watts of power. Many of them have dual heat settings so that you can dry the hair with the high setting and then set the curl with the low setting. Most of them have nylon bristles to gently grasp the hair and hold it against the barrel. One model even has flexible ball tipped bristles that are easy on the hair and the scalp.

All of our models are ergonomically designed to be easy on your hands so you can use them all day long without discomfort. You can be assured that all of our hot-air curling brushes are professional quality and that you will be satisfied with your purchase.
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