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As a beauty professional or home stylist, you know how important a quality mirror is for the successful application of makeup, hairstyling and shaving. You need a mirror that is free of imperfections and gives you a true image. What stylistís station would be complete without a mirror for her and her clients to use? No bathroom is complete without a mirror. A mirror in the shower can be an excellent addition to make shaving easier.

We carry a full line of mirrors that meet every stylist and home users needs. Large backlit mirrors that are free standing or can be mounted on the wall will help to illuminate your salon and give it a touch of class and style or add an extra touch to a bathroom. If you are a make up artist, you know how important a quality mirror is to make up application. Lighted mirrors give you the perfect venue for make up application at home or in the salon. The home stylist will appreciate mirrors that mount on the wall and have extension arms that can be adjusted. Handheld and travel mirrors offer ease of use and versatility.

Our magnifying mirrors offer ease of use for those who have trouble with their eyesight or anyone who needs close up examination. Our mirrors are made of the finest glass and components, and are guaranteed to be free of defects and waves. No matter what you need a mirror for, we have one that is perfect for you. We are sure that you will be satisfied with your purchase.
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