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Moisture can be the enemy for hairstyles. Exposure to rain and the shower can undo the time and money you spent to make your hair look beautiful. Protect your hair with our quality shower and rain caps. We carry a full line of caps to protect your hair from the wind, rain and shower. Our caps are large enough for the fullest styles or largest rollers. Protect your style or keep your rollers in at night with our soft bouffant satin caps. These caps not only protect your hair but also give you the comfort of silk so that you will sleep soundly without irritation.

Conditioning heat caps help to gently repair and restore dry damaged hair. These caps provide an even gentle heat free of hot spots that can occur under a bubble hair dryer. Used with conditioning treatments, our conditioning heat caps help your hair to absorb the conditioner deeply and evenly. Even color treated or relaxed hair will be softer and more manageable after a treatment with a conditioning heat cap.

Remove mineral deposits and impurities with our conditioning heat caps and purifying treatments. Apply the treatment of your choice and enjoy the warm conditioning treatment while removing impurities that can affect the performance of hair color and perms. Add missing nutrients and fillers to ensure even color application with a conditioning treatment. Washable liners and three heat settings make these caps easy to use and maintain.

We carry a full line of shampoo, color and styling capes. You can choose a color and style to match your salon and add a touch of class and comfort to your services. All of our products are professional quality and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchases.
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