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No salon is complete without a full line of sundries and accessories. The right accessory can make your job easier and give you a professional edge that you need to succeed in today’s competitive beauty industry. Not only do you need sundries and accessories to be efficient but many of them make great retail products as well.

If you’re a woman on the go, you will need beauty and make-up bags. Who wants to open their purse or travel bag and find that their makeup has spilled all over the contents? We have the right size for you needs whether you are carrying just a tube of lipstick and mascara or need to carry a whole line of cosmetics to a photo shoot or runway event.

Every stylist needs bobby pins, hair clips, curler clips, hair bands and clamps to do their job. Stock up now so that you won’t be caught without the necessary tools and accessories you need to create the styles your clients demand. Every state board requires proper disinfection and germicide use in salons. You need more than one Marvy jar or MEHAZ disinfecting container. Don’t run out of disinfectant and have the state inspector catch you operating in violation of state law.

One of the most popular and growing services is eyelash extensions. You can create full luxurious drama or natural looks with our full line of Ardell Eyelashes. Give your clients movie star style in just a few minutes with either individual or strip lashes. Once they try them, they will be making return appointments and referring their friends and relatives. All of our eyelashes are made from sterilized natural human hair.

No matter how big or how small your salon is you need sundries and accessories. You can find exactly what you need here and be assured that all of our products are professional quality and guaranteed.

Eyelash Curlers & Other Beauty Tools
Beauty is in the details, and our eyelash curlers and other beauty tools will give you a finished and polished look. Nothing makes a woman look more feminine that long curly eyelashes. What can you do if you have short and thin eyelashes? Use a quality mascara and eyelash curler. When you use the finest mascara on the market and curl your lashes, you will have celebrity lashes that will be the envy of all your friends. We even have a mascara warmer to help keep your mascara application smooth and even.

Another often neglected beauty area is your eyebrows. Your eyebrows frame your face and give it definition. Age and hormonal changes can make your eyebrows become thin and sparse. Use one of our high quality brow enhancers to give your brows the shot of color that they need. These brow definers are made specifically for the eyebrow area since regular hair color can cause damage to your eyes and even blindness.

One of the most versatile tools is a good pair of tweezers. We carry every shape and style to fit your beauty needs. You can choose from slanted, straight and precise tipped tweezers. Take tap water to the next level and energize it with our HairArt iTech E Energy Water System. Charcoal filters energize and purify regular tap water to refresh your skin and hair. Make your smile look its best with our electric and sonic toothbrushes and replacement heads.

Get the look of a perfect complexion with our selection of cream, mineral and liquid foundations. You can choose the coverage and formula that will give you a flawless look for hours. Our brushes will help you apply your makeup like a pro. No matter what beauty tool you need, we have a complete selection of professional products for you to choose from. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Neck Dusters
Who can forget going to the barber shop for a hair cut and having the barber whip out his neck duster and clean off your neck and shoulders? Clipper cuts demand a brush that can get the small fine hairs off of your skin and clothes so that you do not spend the rest of the day itching and feeling prickly. No hair cut is complete with out the last step of cleaning off your neck and shoulders with a neck duster. Barbers use a neck duster to not only clean a client’s neck and shoulders, but to apply their signature powder. Nothing says new haircut like that fresh scent of barber’s powder. Nail technicians use dusters also to remove the acrylic dust from their client’s hands while using nail files. This keeps the dust down and out of client’s breathing area.

Neck dusters come in several styles and materials. The classic boar hair, soft goat hair and bleached horsehair neck dusters have served their owners for many years. Handles are made from natural wood and sturdy acrylic. These materials are the finest available. We also carry spray disinfectant and brush cleaner to keep your neck dusters fresh and sanitized. You should spray your neck duster with disinfectant after each client to prevent cross contamination. Brush cleaner will keep your duster clean and the bristles conditioned.

Our neck dusters and all of our products are made form the finest materials. We carry only professional quality products and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchases.

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