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This clipper is one of the most important and versatile appliances you can own. Not only is it the go to tool for barbers, but stylists can use it to create cutting edge styles. From flat-tops and fades to emo and punker haircuts, the clipper is a barber and stylist’s best friend.

There are several styles of clippers. One of the first manufacturers of clippers is Wahl. Wahl clippers run the gamut from corded professional kits to cute and colorful home kits. One of the most reliable and classic models is the Wahl Professional Essentials Clipper/Trimmer Combo. It includes a Wahl 2000 full size clipper, an AC Trimmer, clipper guides, clipper oil and operating instructions. Not only can you give a great haircut, but trim it up to look professional. This is a good starter kit for salon or home use.

We also carry Babyliss, Andis, and other brands of clippers. Babyliss has a pink line that supports breast cancer research. Their Babyliss Forfex clipper has become a standard in the beauty industry. It offers cordless operation that frees your creativity and makes your job easier. We even have a line of trimmers and edgers that will complete your grooming needs.

Clipper guides come in snap-on type or standard clipper heads. Either one will give you the cut you need. Each clipper has a specific set of guides that fit it and we carry a complete line of guides to compliment your clipper. We also carry a complete line of accessories, disinfectant and oils to keep your clippers clean and in good running order.

All of our products are guaranteed and will give you perfect results. No matter which style or brand of clipper you choose, you can rest assured that you will receive a quality clipper to serve you for years to come.

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