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What sets a professional hair cut apart from a mediocre one? The details. Nothing looks crisper or cleaner than a finished edge or clean neck. Trimmers give you the ability to get creative with your hair. You can even etch designs into menís cuts or give your beard a unique look. With a trimmer you can edge menís cuts, clean up necklines and keep facial hair groomed and tidy. With the correct trimmer you can even keep ear and nose hair under control. You can have professional results every time with our trimmers.

There are several styles and colors of trimmers to choose from. Cordless trimmers give you flexibility and freedom. They are easy to charge and have powerful motors that give you top performance. Many cordless trimmers can be stored in their charger base for safety and quick access. Lightweight and portable, cordless trimmers are the perfect answer to stylists on the go or home users.

If you want the flexibility of a large or small trimmer, you may want to choose a set. Larger trimmers are excellent tools to use on hairlines while smaller ones are best for facial hair or detail work. Some even come with a light so that you can see those hard to reach places such as behind the ears. We carry a full line of guides and accessories to keep your trimmer in top working order.

No matter what trimmer you choose, you can be assured that all of our tools are of the highest quality and guaranteed to give you professional results. Donít leave the details to chance, use one of the best kept secrets of professionals to give your haircuts that cutting edge finished look we all want.

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