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Flat Ironing African American Hair

For those of us with Ethnic roots, getting our hair to lay flat and smooth can be a daunting task. Short of professional straightening, which is time-consuming and expensive, flat irons provide a great option to giving us the sleek style we crave. To achieve that flat, sleek look, you need a flat iron that reaches high heat. You also need to follow a simple process of flat ironing:

Black Hair Care


Tips for Curly Hair

The majority of people have some type of curl in their hair. In fact, up to 75 percent of the population have curls or waves in their hair. If you are one who has ringlets or waves, you know it can be one of your most gorgeous assets or nastiest curses. When your waves frizz, you probably wish you had a straight mane. But when your curls look great, everyone wishes they had your hair.

Curly & Wavy Hair


How to Blow Dry Your Hair

Every time we hear that heat is bad for our hair, some of us consider taking time off our hair blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. For those of us who actually do take breaks from our heat styling tools, our hair may feel healthier for some time. However, at the same time, our hairstyle might suffer. If you have tried to go without your blowdryer, you may have run into some problems like limp locks or frizzy hair. If you blow dry your hair correctly, you can keep your hair healthy, without having to run out the door with dripping wet hair.

Blow Drying


Covering Up Gray

Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean you have to look like it. For some of us, the aging starts happening sooner rather than later. You may have found a stray gray, or whisker-like white hair somewhere in your otherwise young-looking hair. Don’t worry, if you pluck that straggler, it’s not true that even more grays won’t grow in its place. But still, there are certainly better ways to rid your hair of graying hair; and keep yourself and your hair looking healthy and youthful.

Gray Hair


Protect Your Hair from the Elements

If you’re like the majority of women, you color your hair, making it more susceptible to the elements, before you even step outside. Every season can be harsh on your hair, from wind and sun to humidity and heat. In order to keep your hair healthy and strong, you need to protect your precious strands—prior to going outside.

Hair Protection


Make Thin Hair Look Fuller

Thinning hair can affect anyone, regardless of your age, gender, or ethnicity. Many times the cause is heredity, but very tight braids, over processing, and stress can cause your hair to thin. Some medical conditions and medications can cause your hair to thin. Men may notice a horseshoe pattern developing (“male pattern baldness”), where the hair on the crown and front hairline will become thinner. Women tend to experience thinning hair near the front of their hairline at the front part. Changes in hormone production as we age can cause thinning hair in both men and women. Some women may notice their hair getting thin when they are pregnant, but this usually corrects itself once they give birth. Whatever the reason you may be losing hair, it can be embarrassing.

Thinning Hair


Repairing Damaged Hair

If you're like most women today, your hair has been chemically treated in some way. If you color your entire mane, choose just a few locks to highlight, or straighten those tresses, you have what's called "chemically treated" and unfortunately, weakened hair. You may have heard the terms "over processed" or "color treated". Both of these mean the same thing: your hair is chemically treated.

Repair Damaged Hair


Keep Your First Day Color--Everyday

Walking out of the salon, you admire your reflection in the mirrors and windows as you pass. Your roots match your ends, your color shines, and your "first-day color" is radiant. You enjoy it while it lasts, since you know it won't last very long. It seems within a few days, your roots start to show and your color starts to fade.

Color Care


Adding Shine

Do you ever notice how shiny your hair looks in pictures? Or how, when you come from the salon, how your strands seem to shimmer? Well, when you’re seeing shine, the reflection of light is actually a part of it. The flash on your camera certainly reflects on your hair. And your stylist may have blown out your locks, so light and airy, that the light shines through them.

Dull Dry Hair


Fight That Frizz

It may only happen to you on rainy days, or perhaps it depends on the clothes you wear, or you may have to deal with it every day: frizz. But no matter when it happens, we can help you stop it from happening with these simple steps you can try every day:

Manage Frizzy Hair


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