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Andrea Skin Cosmetics

Andrea skin care products are part of our selection of waxing and bleaching products for the face and body. We carry a selection of Andrea cosmetics and Andrea skin care to help with wrinkles, bleaching facial hair, and removing body and facial hair. Some of the popular products we carry are Andrea Brazilian wax kits for body hair, Andrea wrinkle cream for face wrinkles, and Andrea Skin Care like makeup removers and facial bleaching kits.
Andrea gentle cream bleach for face is a popular skin care product carried by our store. Andrea gentle cream bleach is a two part facial bleaching product that involves liquid wax and peroxide to bleach facial hair in various places, including the lip and cheeks, and can even be used to bleach arm hair. Andrea gentle cream bleach for face includes cream bleach with crème activator, which need to be combined in a ratio of one part bleach to two parts activator before being applied to facial hair. With Andrea gentle cream bleach for face, the liquid needs to be left on for ten minutes and, once washed off, should reveal bleached facial hair. If the bleaching hasn’t been fully done by this point, the bleach cream can be applied for an additional five minutes to achieve better results.
Other Andrea skin care cosmetics we carry include makeup remover in pump and pad forms for face and eye makeup. Andrea cosmetics for the face, like facial makeup remover, can be swept over the skin to pick up foundation and other makeup and clean the pores for excess makeup. While Andrea cosmetics for the face are formulated with cucumber extract, both the pump and pad makeup removers are gentle on skin. Andrea skin care eye makeup remover comes in the same pump and pad forms and is a gel to condition eyelashes and remove makeup from the softer skin around the eye. As some eye makeup removers can irritate sensitive skin and eyes, Andrea skin care cosmetics is formulated for sensitive and contact lens wearers.
Wrinkle cream is always a popular skin care product, and our selection of Andrea cosmetics includes Andrea Wrinkle Release face cream as well as other Andrea wrinkle cream for face products. Andrea Wrinkle Release facial cream is made with Matrixyl to reduce wrinkles by 68 percent. Other ingredients in Andrea Wrinkle Release cream include white tea, shiitake mushroom, rice, and soy extracts. A similar Andrea wrinkle cream for face product is Instant Facelifts tape to go under makeup and lift up your skin.
Other Andrea skin care products in our selection include wax kits, including Andrea Brazilian wax kits. While wax kits can be used for the face and body, Andrea Brazilian wax kits includes Andrea Brazilian hard wax kits for the body that include waxing strips and a wax mixture. For removing body hair without tweezers or electrolysis, Andrea Brazilian wax kits will give your legs a smooth finish.
From Andrea Brazilian wax kits to other Andrea skin care products like Andrea Wrinkle Release face cream, our selection of Andrea cosmetics includes many face and body products for improving your skin, removing hair, and removing makeup.


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