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Babyliss Pro Forfex Clippers Trimmers

Electric clippers are typically both corded and cordless devices, with an electric trimmer model like Babyliss Pro Forfex having both options. Clippers are much like an electric shaver but allow more versatility in the areas of the face and neck that can be shaved and in the types of blades offered for clipping. Forfex Babyliss clippers have a streamlined design in blue, black, and pink colors and multiple types of razors for different cuts.

A standard pair of†Babyliss Forfex clippers for men is used for a close trim for the neckline, hairline, sideburns, beard, mustache, and eyebrows. A standard model, such as our Babyliss Forfex Mini clipper, has a 30mm stainless steel blade. To change the type of cut or trim on the blade, Babyliss Forfex clippers have five attachable blades. In the case of our Babyliss forfex mini clippers, the five blades are 2.5mm, 5mm, 7.5mm, 10mm, and 12.5mm, all for different trims, and blade types include circular, screen, and grooved blades. Aside from having attachable blades for different cuts, a Forfex Babyliss Pro clipper is a rotary motor trimmer consisting of a titanium or steel blade with a ceramic cutter that can cut up to 30,000 hairs per second and can be adjusted to a slower 6500 RPM speed and a higher 8500 RPM speed for shaving. While some Forfex Babyliss Pro models can have two detachable blades and four comb attachments, this combination of a rotary motor and multiple comb attachments allows a Babyliss Forfex Pro to be adjustable for up to five different positions, meaning that whether youíre cutting your sideburns or neckline, the angle of the Babyliss Forfex Pro clippers will feel comfortable in your hands and against your skin. In addition, the combination of titanium coated blades and ceramic cutter create less friction, leading to a cleaner, closer shave.

Menís and womenís Babyliss Forfex Pro clippers operate much in the same way and have the same type of steel or titanium and ceramic combination for less friction. But, while menís Babyliss Forfex Pro clippers come in black or cobalt blue colors,†women's Babyliss Pro Forfex clippers come in pink. If youíre looking for a particular model of pink Babyliss Forfex Pro clippers, the model number often has a ďPKĒ at the end, such as the case with a Forfex Babyliss Pro FX789PK model. But a Forfex Babyliss Pro FX789PK isnít the only type of pink clippers available, and our store carries such Forfex Babyliss Pro clippers as FX670PK.

Babyliss Forfex clippers come in corded and cordless models, although the shave by all pairs of clippers is the same. A corded Babyliss Forfex model often comes with a ten-inch cord that can be plugged into an outlet to charge up the clippers. But even if the Forfex Babyliss clippers are plugged into the wall, they can still be turned on for shaving. Cordless Forfex Babybliss clippers have an illuminated charging stand that indicates once the charge is done. Typically, cordless Babyliss Forfex Pro clippers will take 70 minutes to do a full charge, which is indicated by an LED light to display the time, and will have 90 minutes of power once charged.

As with any pair of clippers, a Babyliss Forfex Pro should be wiped and brushed out after every use to prevent it from getting clogged with hairs.


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