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Babyliss Pro hair appliances are high-quality home and professional hair appliances and include blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons.†Babyliss Pro is the leader is European professional hair styling products, and we carry a variety of Babyliss Pro styling products. From Babyliss Pro products like a Babyliss Pro 230 straightening iron to a Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium hair iron to Babyliss Pro TT Natural Ionic Hot Air Brush models, our store carries a wide variety of Babyliss Pro hair products that will give you salon quality hair styles.

Babyliss Pro has a large line of hair dryers, with the most prominent model being a Babyliss Pro Carrera. Most Babyliss Pro blow dryers use ceramic technology and have multiple speeds for drying hair. A basic model for a†Babyliss Pro hair dryer would operate on 2000 watts and an AC motor and, for drying hair, has a cool shot in addition to six different speeds. For certain spots of hair, a Babyliss Pro hair dryer have a concentrator nozzle and a removable filter.

Babyliss Pro ceramic products also extend to curling irons.†Babyliss Pro ceramic curling irons are made with a ceramic shaft for a smooth finish and emit negative ions to smooth hair while creating long-lasting curls. Most Babyliss Pro ceramic curling irons have 30 heat settings and go up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, a salon styling temperature that is indicated by a light on the curling iron. Similarly, Babyliss Pro makes an airbrush curling iron, a curling iron with a ceramic hot hair brush with natural boar bristles attached. This brush and curling iron hybrid by Babyliss Pro operated much in the same way by emitting negative ions to smooth out hair and generating far-infrared heat to keep the hairís luster. As Babyliss Pro curling irons are used worldwide for salon and individual use, they have dual voltage to accommodate all power supplies.

For an alternative way for making curls instead of a curling iron, Babyliss Pro also makes several sets of hot rollers. Like almost all Babyliss Pro ceramic products,†Babyliss Pro hot rollers have a ceramic core and use far-infrared heat for faster styling and less heat damage to the hair. A set of Babyliss Pro hot rollers comes in different sizes with clips to keep the rollers in place.

The most popular product by Babyliss Pro, however, is a†Babyliss Pro straightening iron, with the most popular product being a Babyliss Pro 230, although other Babyliss Pro straightening iron models include Babyliss Pro nano titanium and Babyliss Pro slim ceramic hair straightener 2025HU flat irons. A Babyliss Pro ceramic flat iron, no matter the size of the plates, operates much like other Babyliss Pro ceramic products by emitting negative ions to smooth and relax hair and by generating far-infrared heat to protect the luster of the hair.

For high-quality hair appliances and styling products, Babyliss Pro makes respected salon-quality products like hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. Many models, including the Babyliss Pro 230 straightening iron and Babyliss Pro Carrera, are available through our website for personal or salon use.


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