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Caruso Hairsetter 30 Rollers

If you want full, bouncy healthy curls you need the Caruso Hairsetter 30 Rollers kit. What makes the Caruso Hairsetter unique is the use of negative ions to produce three times the amount of steam as other hairsetters. Steam is a gentle heat that breaks the hairís natural wave bonds and gives you smooth and silky curls that last for days. Negative ion steam heat conditions and strengthens your hair while giving you the luxurious and full look you want. The foam rollers are extremely gentle on your hair and will not break or damage it.

The Caruso Hairsetter 30 Rollers comes with six each of petite, small, medium, large and jumbo foam rollers along with a styling guide to help you achieve the styles you want. All of this comes in a handy carrying case and the set has a dual voltage feature that lets you use it overseas. The hairsetter heats up quickly and sets your hair in five to ten minutes. You can also speed up the process by blow drying your hair while it is in the rollers to evaporate the steam and have curls in just 30 seconds.

The Caruso Company was one of the first to incorporate steam and negative ions in their hairsetting products. Their patented roller design keeps the steam on your hair where it is needed. For over 15 years Caruso has been the choice of professional stylists and home stylists for gentle yet long lasting curls from ionic steam. Your hair will be smooth and frizz free thanks to the negative ions and gentle steam action. Negative ions also have an antimicrobial property that keeps your hair fresh and odor free. is sure you will appreciate the quality and ease of use in the Caruso Hairsetter 30 Rollers and we recommend it to anyone who wants long lasting, shiny and luxurious curls.


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