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Caruso hair products are known as steam products that use steam to heat the hair appliance instead of just hot plates. The most popular Caruso products are Caruso steam rollers, also known as a Caruso molecular hairsetter. But other Caruso steam products include steam straighteners and curling irons. For hair that is easily damaged, already damaged hair, or color treated hair, Caruso steam rollers and other products can curl your hair while still keeping it from further damage.
A Caruso molecular hairsetter, or steam rollers, are anti-static and anti-frizz rollers, as they use steam technology to emit negative ions and curl hair instead of simply heat to curl hair. Caruso steam rollers use negative ions to produce up to three times of the amount of steam as an ordinary ceramic hairsetter. This ion technology is designed to be non-damaging to hair to prevent frizz from forming but also for use on color-treated, brittle, and coarse hair types. Once Caruso steam rollers are heated and applied to your hair, the steam conditions your hair as the rollers curl it, and your hair can be set within five to ten minutes. A typical Caruso molecular hairsetter comes with thirty rollers and heated clips to hold the hair in place. A thirty piece set of Caruso steam rollers includes six petite rollers, six small rollers, six medium rollers, six large rollers, and six extra-large, or “jumbo,” rollers, with clips and a box to hold them in. A traveling set of Caruso steam rollers is also available and comes as a set of fourteen rollers, a heated base, clips, and a case. The power supply for all Caruso molecular hairsetter sets is dual voltage.
Caruso carries other hair products that use steam to curl or straighten hair. The Caruso steam straightener, for example, conditions as it styles and uses steam to straighten hair, making this straightener ideal for damaged and color-treated hair types. This particular straightener has wide plates that heat up and a large reservoir for water. Once the water in the straightener has been heated, a light well indicate that the straightener is ready. In addition, Caruso makes a steam curling iron/brush model that operates in much the same way as the Caruso straightener with steam ion technology. This two-in-one curling iron dries hair like a hair dryer and, when the hair is wrapped around the curling barrel, can curl hair into loose curls. While the steam moisturizes and dries the hair, the barrel can curl the hair. If you wish to use this device simply as a curling iron, the brush feature can be removed as well.
For styling and protecting your hair, Caruso hair products, like Caruso steam rollers and straighteners, can style all types of hair, including damaged hair, and moisturize it at the same time using steam and ion technology.


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