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Clean and Easy wax products are some of our selection of waxing and facial bleach cream kits. Many†Clean and Easy†wax kits come with Clean and Easy rollers, we carry separate rollers and brushes to accompany a Clean & Easy hair removal kit. Even though Clean and Easy waxing products are generally for the body, we carry Clean and Easy facial waxer kits and wax refills, as well as Clean and Easy face blotting papers to put on the wax.

Clean and Easy facial waxer†is a wax product that can be used on eyebrows, the upper lip, and chin. Clean and Easy waxing using the facial waxer can remove facial hair for up to six weeks and makes hair growth finer and sparser when the hair starts to grow back. Many Clean & East hair removal wax kits are small enough for travel and, with Clean and Easy rollers included, the wax kits can be brought along a trip.

Clean and Easy wax can be used on both the face and body, and, as Clean and Easy rollers are sold separately, so are Clean and Easy wax and wax refills. Clean and Easy rollers and wax brushes are used to put on the wax and can be used in conjunction with a Clean and Easy wax warmer. Inside a Clean and Easy wax warmer, you can put wax, and Clean and Easy wax comes in a number of scents, including lavender with ylang ylang, cinnamon spice, peach and fennel, citrus, wintermint and rosemary, and pumpkin spice. Although a Clean and Easy wax warmer will make a wax pot to dip your Clean and Easy rollers, a Clean and Easy wax kit can be used in a microwave to heat the wax and use no wax strips. To keep the wax warm, we also carry foot mitts to keep a Clean and Easy wax warmer or pot warm when youíre shaving.

Even though our Clean and Easy wax kit selection has many options, we sell a gift bag set, as well, of all Clean and Easy waxing products. This gift set includes a Clean and Easy wax pot for doing a Brazilian wax, calming oil, and scented body cream. As all of these products are similar to those used in professional waxing, the Clean and Easy wax pot is professional size.

†As wax is common in any Clean & Easy hair removal kit, an alternative to waxing is bleaching unwanted facial hair. To lighten any facial hairs on the upper lip, chin, and cheeks, we carry Clean and Easy facial bleach. Clean and Easy facial bleach kits have a combination of peroxide and liquid wax that is applied to darker facial hair to lighten it. As with all facial hair lightener creams, application of Clean and Easy facial bleach should be ten minutes before being washed off, and, if the hair isnít entirely bleached, another five minute application can be done to achieve desired results.


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