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Curling Iron

A curling iron is a necessary hair appliance to create both large and small curls. While many beauty product brands carry at least one type of curling iron, most curling irons are either a ceramic curling iron or a metal curling iron. But, with so many options, what kind of curling iron do you choose to curl your hair? Any beauty supply store can have a selection of curling irons including spiral curling iron, cordless curling iron, triple barrel curling iron, and ceramic curling iron models and such brand models like a CHI curling iron, Conair curling iron, Revlon curling iron, Marcel curling iron, Helen of Troy curling iron, and Jose Eber curling iron. Even beauty and style magazines have their lists, including magazine InStyle curling iron list, with brands like Hot Tools curling irons, Conair curling irons, and Revlon curling irons ending up on a list of best curling irons.
But when comparing brands of curling irons, how does a curling iron work and what should it be doing? No matter the brand, a curling iron should heat enough to curl all types of hair without damaging the hair or overheating the device. A dependable curling iron should have an on/off switch with pre-set temperature settings and plates to heat the hair. When the curling iron is turned on and plugged in, except for with cordless curling iron models, the curling iron device transmits electricity through the heating element of the curling iron. As the metal comes in contact with hair, however, a curling iron should come with a built-in thermal switch to prevent the device from overheating by stopping the flow of electricity. This switch expands to a certain size with heat and stops the flow of electricity when the curling iron reaches the maximum temperature.
For curling hair, a string of hair is a long string of protein and acts like a wood fiber when in contact with heat. Once the hair has been curled by a curling iron, it keeps its shape until wet, when it will go back to its original straight shape.
How to use a curling iron depends on what kind of curls you would like, but how to curl hair with a curling iron involves the same basic steps, whether you want large or small curls. First, before applying a curling iron to hair, use a styling gel, mousse, or spray on your hair, as it will hold the curls longer, and the hair should be clean and blow dried. The next step is to clip the hair back in multiple sections to curl separately, and, to start on one section, release it and brush it free of tangles. For fine hair, spray this section, and all clipped sections, with hair spray. Before using the curling iron, twist sections of hair, starting at the bottom of the section and going to the top. Twist smaller sections for spiral curls and larger sections for loose curls. After the hair has been twisted, insert the hair into the curling iron and make sure all ends are closed in the barrel. For a curl, roll up the iron for ten seconds and, after, open the iron and release the curls. For a full head of curls, repeat these steps for all sections of hair and once done, spray everything with a hold spray to keep curls in place. If you live in a humid climate, use a humidity spray or serum in addition to a hair spray to keep the curls from frizzing.
While some brands of curling irons work better than others to curl hair, the best curling iron is one that doesn’t overheat and makes lasting, non-frizzy curls.


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