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Daggett and Ramsdell

Many cosmetic products are designed for improving certain aspects of facial and body skin, including texture, color, and consistency. Our store carries many skin lightening products by†Daggett & Ramsdell, including Daggett & Ramsdell knee & elbow lightening cream, as well as other skin lightening creams like Daggett and Ramsdell facial fade and Daggett & Ramsdell facial fade gel for sensitive skin. Some products even out skin texture at the same time while evening out tone.

Daggett and Ramsdell facial products include many creams and masks for uneven and dry skin.†Daggett and Ramsdell facial fade products include many creams to reduce age spots, blotchy skin, and other discolorations. As skin types vary from person to person, Daggett & Ramsdell facial fade gel for sensitive skin is one product we carry for those whose skin becomes irritated easily. Daggett and Ramsdell facial fade gel is also available for people with normal skin. Other products include Daggett & Ramsdell skin lightening serum, brightening creams, and a facial brightening mask. For the latter Daggett & Ramsdell product, the facial brightening mask can be applied to the face and neck, except directly to the mouth and nostrils, and left on for ten to fifteen minutes. After, it can simply be washed off. Aside from products to even out skin tone and lighten dark spots, Daggett and Ramsdell products for improving skin texture include vitamin A cream for dry, flaky skin.

Dark spots can appear on parts of the body, including the arms and legs, and Daggett & Ramsdell carry creams to fade spots in these areas, including the†Daggett & Ramsdell knee and elbow smoothing cream. For all over age spots, skin blotches, and other discolorations, Daggett & Ramsdell skin bleaching cream works in the same way that facial bleaching products work and should be applied every day to dark spots to lighten the color. However, the most known skin lightening product by Daggett and Ramsdell is the elbow and knee smoothing kit. Daggett & Ramsdell knee & elbow lightening cream is a three-part kit to reduce dark and red discoloration and rough skin on the knees and elbows. The Daggett & Ramsdell†knee and elbow smoothing cream kitincludes a lightening cream, smoothing cream, and moisturizing stick. All three products are used together to achieve even, smooth, moisturized knees and elbows, but the three products are sold separately, as well.

Moisturizing and skin lightening arenít just in creams and serums, and Daggett and Ramsdell offer a line of moisturizing and skin lightening soaps to go with their skin lightening serum products and facial fade. In addition, other skin care products by Daggett & Ramsdell include menís moisturizing lotion for razor bumps and bald head shaving lotion.


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