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Daily Mirror

Mirrors are essential for making sure you look good 360degrees around. No one wants a beautiful hairstyle that looks great from face view and awful in the back. We have hand mirrors, daily mirrors, travel mirrors, make up mirrors and hand held mirrors by all the major brands. They come in various sizes and colors so you can make are sure that you look great all the way around. With all the colors and sizes to choose form you will find the perfect one for you.

We have great hand held mirrors for make up so you will know that you look your best down to the smallest detail. We carry all the major brands; Burmax, Abella, Amazing and Conair. And when you travel there is no brand of mirror better than Luxor. You can choose form regular or enlarged views. Some mirrors come with both so you can see what you look like close up or under normal conditions so you look your best under every circumstance. We have all colors and sizes so you can use them at home or put one in your purse to use while you are away.

People have always want to know how they look and have used mirrors for centuries. Hand mirrors were adopted by the Celts from the Romans and by the end of the Middle Ages had become quite common throughout Europe as an expensive luxury. These mirrors were simply slightly convex disks of metal, either bronze, tin, or silver, that reflected light off their highly polished surfaces. Today with our great technology you can see your reflection down to the smallest detail. All our brands are the highest in quality and you will not have to wait for a caravan to bring one to you. You can have fun choosing what you want from the many offerings on our web site.

We have the Burmax soft style hand picture mirror for personal or professional use, the Burmax hand mirror extra large, the Abella large mirror, the AMAZING round handle mirror, the Luxor travel mirror and the Conair Large Professional hand held mirror with soft rubber handle and more. We are sure to have just what you need to see your beautiful reflection.


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