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Delon is a brand known for its hair products and skin creams, particularly Delon body butter. Delon hair products, such as Bergamots and Hair Food, are designed to repair damaged or strengthen color-treated hair and also moisturize the scalp with a combination of oils, vitamins, keratin, and collagen. Delon body butters, on the other hand, moisturize the skin. While Delon carries a line of coconut moisturizers, Delon body butters have a wide palette of scents, including white peony, mango, and black currant.
Delon hair products we carry fall into two categories: repairing damaged hair and hair styling products. Delon Bergamot, for example, is a gel to repair color-treated and damaged hair and does so by combining natural oils and vitamins with keratin and collagen to strengthen the damaged hair and get rid of split ends. Aside from repairing split ends, Delon Bergamots also moisturizes the scalp when used. Delon Hair Food, similarly, is used to repair damaged hair as well and, with lanolin as the primary ingredient, can be used as a styling gel at the same time when applied from roots to tips. Pomade, on the other hand, is used as both a styling product and heat protector to prevent damage from hair appliances.
Although Delon has a line of hair products, Delon body butters are its most prominent product. Delon body butter comes in a tin and is available in a number of scents. Delon body butters are moisturizers specifically for the body and, as a result, have a much thicker consistency than traditional moisturizing lotions, as they contain a combination of coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter, with wax added into the mixture. Although the result might sound just as thick as regular butter, it is easily absorbed into the skin and keeps it moisturized for several hours. Delon body butters come in a range of scents. Some we carry include Delon body butter white peony, Delon body mango butter, and Delon coconut body butter. Other body butter by Delon includes scents like grapeseed, passion fruit, raspberry, white chocolate, and black currant. In addition to no animal ingredients added, Delon body butters are available in a 6.9oz tin or in a pump bottle. For multiple body butter scents, we sell Delon body butter kits with five 6.9oz tins.
Although a moisturizer can act like an anti wrinkle cream, Delon vitamin E skin cream, moisturizers, and body butter keep the skin moisturized and smooth all day. Delon skin moisturizer, or body butters, for the face or body is a lotion that can cause a natural glow and moisturized skin. Delon body butter is ultra-protective to dry skin and keeps in moisture while smelling well. As hands can become dry during the day, our Delon body butter pumps are a solution to moisturizing your hands and any other dry skin areas during the day. Whether you choose Delon body butter white peony scent, Delon body mango butter, or Delon coconut body butter, Delon body butters can be taken with you in a pump or carried in a tin in case of dry skin at work, school, or anywhere else during the day.


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