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Earthly Body Marrakesh Oil for Hair

Earthly Body Marrakesh Oil for Hair blends two oils that have been used for centuries for their nutritional and medicinal properties. Moroccan Argan Kernel oil and Hemp Seed oil are both natural oils that are known for their high concentration of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). EFAs are essential for nutrition and this benefit is translated into an excellent product for use on your hair. Earthly Body has blended these two oils and created their Marrakesh Oil for Hair.

Earthly Body Marrakesh Oil for Hair is absorbed quickly and easily into the hair shaft to provide the nutrients your hair needs to be strong, shiny and manageable. All hair types benefit from this oil and it is the choice for ethnic hair because of its restorative and protective properties. Used before heat treatments such as flat irons and hot comb pressing it is a superior protectant. The Moroccan Argan oil and Hemp Seed oil combine to create silky smooth hair that is protected from breakage or damage.

Your hair can become fragile and dry from overuse of styling products, exposure to high heat, hair color, perms and relaxers. After just once use of Earthly Body Marrakesh Oil for Hair you will see a dramatic difference in the way your hair looks and feels. The cuticle of your hair will be smooth and it will feel and look healthy and strong. Earthly Body Marrakesh Oil for Hair can be used as a restorative product on even the driest and damaged hair. With continued use you will see and feel a difference in how your hair behaves as it becomes soft and manageable without becoming greasy. At we recommend this product for anyone who has dry brittle hair or who wants to keep their hair healthy and strong.


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