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For salon and home use, Gena beauty supplies focus on paraffin treatments and pedicures. Although many Gena beauty supplies, including Gena paraffin treatments, are used in professional spas for a paraffin bath or a paraffin facial, Gena beauty supplies can be used at home, as well, if you have a Gena paraffin machine to heat scented paraffin or if you’re looking to do your own pedicures. Gena Pedi Soft and other pedicure supplies by Gena are sold through our store, whether you’re a salon looking to restock on Gena beauty supplies or you simply want to try a new pedicure kit.
Gena paraffin treatments are for the body, face, and hands, and we carry Gena paraffin facial and bath supplies. Gena paraffin products are used by spas for paraffin therapy, which is also referred to as a hot paraffin treatment. Paraffin therapy, similar to other heat treatments, is used to reduce swelling in muscles and to reduce inflammation of joint and connective tissue. Paraffin therapy treatments can last longer than ordinary heat treatments. At a spa, not only are paraffin baths available to relax muscles and reduce joint inflammation but so are paraffin treatments as manicures, pedicures, and facials. Many Gena paraffin beauty supplies are enriched with vitamin E for skin conditioning, and Gena paraffin products for baths, pedicures, and facials need to be warmed with a Gena paraffin machine. In addition, Gena paraffin beauty supplies come scented for aromatherapy treatments or unscented for a simple paraffin treatment.
Other Gena beauty supplies include products like Gena Pedi Soft for pedicures. Like Gena paraffin products, Gena Pedi Soft and other pedicure products are for both home and salon use. For a full line of pedicure products, we carry the Gena Pedi Pak and Pedicure Intro Package. The Gena Pedi Pak comes with all lotions and products needed for a pedicure treatment and, for home use, is the perfect salon starter kit. The Gena Pedi Pak includes the Pedi Soak, Pedi Care, Pedi Ice, Pedi Septic, Pedi Scrub, Pedi Pro File, and Pedi Soft. Although all of these products are ideal as a starter kit, individual products like Gena Pedi Soft are also sold separately and don’t always need to be used only for feet. Gena Pedi Care, for example, can be used to smooth all rough and dry surface skin on the body, while Gena Pedi Soft, an enriched moisturizing lotion, can be used on both the feet and legs to soften skin.
While Gena beauty supplies like Gena paraffin treatments and Gena Pedi Soft are popular products, Gena carries other home beauty supplies, as well. Kits like Pedi Salts, a home microdermabrasion kit by Gena, are salon-quality beauty products that can be used easily at home. For the home or for a salon, Gena beauty supplies are suitable for all beauty environments.


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