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For high-quality home waxing products, we carry a full line of Gigi waxing products, including Gigi Honee wax with a Gigi wax warmer. We have a variety of Gigi wax kit products, including Gigi Brazilian wax and Gigi Brazilian hard wax kits. Many Gigi waxing products in a Gigi wax kit include not only the wax and a warmer but prep lotions and redness relief lotions for use after waxing. In addition, other Gigi wax products include hair inhibitor lotions to reduce and prevent hair growth after a waxing and to reduce ingrown hairs and bumps from waxing.
Gigi waxing products are often sold as an entire kit, with Gigi wax accompanied by prep lotions, redness reducing lotions, and a Gigi wax warmer. Some Gigi waxing products, however, can be warmed in the microwave and don’t need a Gigi wax warmer. Gigi Honee Wax is the most popular Gigi wax for legs, and we carry this product, as well as other Gigi wax variations. A Gigi wax microwave kit, for example, includes the Gigi Honee wax, as well as other products, including Slow Grow, Wax Off, benzokal lotion, pre-hon lotion, small and large wood spatulas, and small and large muslin strips. A typical kit with all of these ingredients can be used for arms, legs, eyebrows, and the bikini area. However, for the bikini area, a Gigi Brazilian wax kit may be needed, and this can include a Gigi Brazilian hard wax kit, although softer wax kits can be available for those with sensitive skin. The Gigi Brazilian wax kit contains all of the lotions as those for the Gigi Honee wax kit, only the wax is specifically for hair on the bikini area. For sensitive skin waxing, other Gigi waxing products include Azulene wax, a soft hair removal wax that moisturizes to reduce redness, and Crème wax.
Parts of a Gigi wax kit may be sold separately, especially if you need a refill for one of the lotions in a wax kit, and the lotions can be bought as a separate group. The Gigi waxing lotion group, called the Epilating lotion kit, includes four waxing lotions as prep and redness reducing lotions. The combination of lotions is designed to remove residue from your skin before waxing and then to soothe and moisturize your skin after waxing. Slow Grow, a conditioner and hair inhibitor, is also included in the Epilating lotion kit. Slow Grow, as well as other Gigi hair inhibitors for the rest of the body, are designed to reduce hair from coming back after waxing. In addition, we carry Gigi bump treatment, a lotion to prevent ingrown hairs from forming after shaving and waxing and should be used three to four days before waxing or shaving.
Wax can be warmed in a warmer or in the microwave, and Gigi has waxes, including Gigi Honee wax, that can be warmed in either. We carry Gigi wax warmer models with one or two pots for wax and also many Gigi wax products, including Gigi sugar bare microwave formula and Gigi Honee wax, that can be warmed in a microwave prior to waxing.


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