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HairArt Flat Iron

A flat iron, or straightener, is one styling tool to make your hair shiny, straight, and not frizzy. HairArt is one maker of high-quality flat irons and has a variety of straighteners ranging from under one inch to one and three quarters of an inch. In addition to transforming dull and frizzy hair into straight, shiny, and sleek, a HairArt flat iron can be used for other styling purposes like creating curls or flipping out ends. HairArt flat irons also come in two plate options, a ceramic professional straightening flat iron and an ionic tourmaline ceramic deluxe straightening iron.
The largest HairArt flat iron is the one and three quarters of an inch Ceramic Professional Straightening Flat Iron. This model can heat up in fifteen seconds and has five different temperature settings, with the highest temperature being 410 degrees. Although a Hair Art ceramic flat iron is made for all hair types, it is best used on short to medium length hair. This type of HairArt flat iron comes in smaller sizes, as well, including one and three-eighths inches, one and one-quarter inches, one inch, and three quarters of an inch. Although all sizes of HairArt flat irons are designed to straighten hair, all sizes operate slightly differently, as the plates are smaller and can be used for other purposes in addition to straightening hair. The one and one-quarter inch HairArt straightener iron is most similar to the one and three-quarters Hair Art flat iron, except it heats up in thirty seconds and only goes up to 400 degrees in temperature. The three-quarters of an inch HairArt flat iron both curls and straightens hair. This model of HairArt flat iron can create spiral curls in medium-length hair and can also flip out ends.
Some of the HairArt Ceramic Professional Straightening Flat Irons come with an additional smaller flat iron, the HairArt ceramic straightening iron model H3000 in a one-half inch size. The HairArt ceramic straightening iron model h3000 has a length of seven inches and floating plates that adjust to all types of hair textures. This HairArt flat iron has a 100-percent ceramic heater, which allows for even and consistent heat distribution to your hair when straightening. The plates of the HairArt ceramic straightening iron model h3000, in addition, have tourmaline gemstones to create smooth and shiny hair.
Similar to this mini HairArt flat iron is the HairArt Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic One and One-Eighths Inch Deluxe Straightening Iron which, in addition to straightening hair, eliminates frizzy hair and locks in color and moisture by sealing hair cuticles. This Hair Art flat iron model has a 100-percent ceramic heater for even distribution when straightening hair and tourmaline crystals for intense ionic activity. Like all HairArt flat irons, this one and one-eighths inch Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic Deluxe Straightening Ironic can be used on all lengths of hair and adjusts to all textures of hair.


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