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Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy beauty products include many hair appliances for hair styling, such as a Helen of Troy flat iron, curling iron, and curling brush. Helen of Troy beauty supplies cover all hair appliances and even some cosmetics and nail spa products. Our store primarily sells Helen of Troy hair products, with the Helen of Troy curling brush being a popular hair styling product. For effective and high quality hair appliances at affordable prices, Helen of Troy hair and beauty products meet most styling needs and fit within a budget.
A Helen of Troy curling brush, also known as a hot air brush, is a three-in-one product with blow dryer and thermal brush characteristics that can be used as a curling iron. Like a standard curling iron, a Helen of Troy curling brush has a metal-plated barrel in varying circumferences that range from as small as three-quarters of an inch to one and a half inches. The metal curling barrel is studded with nylon bristles like a heated brush and, like a hair dryer, a Helen of Troy curling brush generates air to dry hair while curling. When being used to curl hair, a Helen of Troy curling brush will dry hair from the root and, to create curls, wrap the hair around the barrel. While drying the hair, a Helen of Troy hot air brush will curl the hair and, depending on the size of the metal barrel, will produce large to tight curls. In addition, if you wish to use Helen of Troy curling brushes just as a curling iron, the brush is removable. As a hair product should be designed for use by all hair types, a Helen of Troy hot air brush has hot, low, and cool settings.
A standard curling iron is also available by Helen of Troy. A typical Helen of Troy curling iron is a triple-plated chrome hair appliance that is available in a variety of barrels ranging from three-quarters of an inch to an inch and a half in diameter. The size of the barrel can create large, loose curls to tight curls. In addition, a Helen of Troy curling iron has a cool tip for styling control and a range of high to low heat settings for various hair types.
For creating curls in a short period of time, a set of Helen of Troy hot rollers can set your hair in tight to wavy curls quickly. An average Helen of Troy hair setter kit comes with twenty rollers varying in size. The rollers included are six large rollers, ten medium size rollers, and four smaller rollers, with twenty clips and a heating device for all rollers. If you’re going on a trip and need to take a hair setter with you, Helen of Troy hair products also includes a travel set of five rollers of medium size that can be heated and use dual voltage in case of traveling overseas.


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