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When you need equipment for a beauty salon, Kayline salon equipment includes storage cabinets, nail desks, stools, and other devices to keep hair appliances and nail supplies. Whether you need new or replacement equipment, Kayline salon equipment includes a variety of salon products to store your hair tools and nail supplies. From Kayline Smartkart Lockable drawers to stools and nail desks to mobile hair and nail storage kits, the range of Kayline products we carry includes many storage options for hair and nail salons.
A Kayline smartkart Lockable Miss Liberty model is the basis for all types of portable salon storage space. A basic Kayline smart kart lockable is a drawer on wheels with four to six removable trays to store hair appliances and hair products in bottles and cans. Each removable tray comes with rounded corners, so it can be taken out and put back easily, and all trays are located at the top and sides of a Kayline smart kart lockable drawer. The bottoms of Kayline carts typically have a bucket for bulky hair items like bottles, tall cans, and towels, while the upper drawers of a Kayline smartkart lockable drawer are designed to fit smaller cans and bottles with a three-inch diameter or smaller. These removable trays, in addition, have protective stops to prevent the cans and bottles from spilling when the cart is moved. The lockable aspect of Kayline carts is a lockable door with a numbered lock and keys to put in front of the removable trays at the end of the day.
Aside from the ample and solid storage space offered by a Kayline smartkart lockable model like Miss Liberty, another piece of Kayline salon equipment can attach to Kayline two tier carts to turn a Kayline smartkart lockable drawer into a small desk. Kayline tops, called a Topper, attach to the tops of all Kayline carts and come with pre-drilled holes on both ends. Typical Kayline tops are 16 by 24 square inches in area, or larger, and can hold three round irons and a blow dryer. In addition, Kayline tops come with a tray holder and at least one cup ring, and some larger Kayline tops have multiple cup holders of different sizes.
Kayline salon equipment includes more devices for storing salon tools and supplies, as well as salon furniture for nail and hair salons. Similar to a Kayline smartkart lockable Miss Liberty model is a mobile hair or nail salon, a portable storage device with a handle and several pockets for hair tools and styling products or nail supplies. Like Kayline two tier carts, these mobile hair and nail equipment holders come with lockable doors.
Other Kayline Salon Equipment includes salon furniture, especially nail salon furniture. Kayline stools, or a Kayline stool saddle, are popular for nail salon workers and our selection of Kayline stools and stool saddle models come in various sizes and even include some with hydraulic lifts. For other Kayline salon equipment, we carry nail desks, which combine the storage space of a Kayline smartkart lockable drawer and a long nail desk, and pedicure stations. For a hair salon, our Kayline salon equipment selection includes a waxing paraffin stand. As with all Kayline salon equipment, the pedicure and waxing stations are portable and the nail desks can be moved around your salon on wheels.


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