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Mastex Thermal Heating Cap

The Mastex Thermal Heating Cap is the perfect tool to use to enhance deep conditioning and restructuring treatments for your hair. Unlike conventional bubble hair dryers the Mastex Thermal Heating Cap will not dry out your scalp or hair and provides gentle even heat. It is the perfect partner to conditioning treatments, scalp treatments and deep cleansing treatments that remove impurities and unwanted mineral deposits in your hair before a color or perm service. Just apply the conditioning treatment of your choice and slip on the comfortable and roomy heating cap. Only 20 minutes later you have soft and manageable hair that is restored and renewed.

Iron in your water and styling products can leave unwanted residue in your hair. A deep conditioning and cleansing treatment when used with a Mastex Thermal Heating Cap will draw out these impurities and leave you hair soft and completely clean. This treatment is ideal before a color or highlighting sevice to give you that rich true even hair color you want. Used with a scalp conditioner the Mastex Thermal Heating Cap provides penetrating heat that will soothe your scalp and leave it feeling healthy and refreshed. Dry brittle hair will be transformed and you can use the Mastex Thermal Heating Cap with any type of hair from the finest hair to the thickest ethnic hair. All hair types can benefit from the heating and conditioning benefits of the heating cap.

The quiet automatic thermo controlled unit heats the cap up evenly and prevents scorching or overheating. You can set your Mastex Thermal Heating Cap on three levels of heat and dual thermostats ensure your safety and allow you to achieve the proper temperature for your hair type and treatment. It even has a removable and washable inner liner for convenience. The unit is UL listed and carries a one year warranty by the manufacturer. At we recommend the Mastex Thermal Heating Cap for its gentle even heat and ease of use.


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