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Remington Shavers

Remington is a name associated with electric shavers and razors. We carry a range of Remington shavers and other razor products, including men’s and women’s shavers and Remington beard trimmer models such as the Remington Precision Titanium Mustache & Beard Trimmer. While a Remington battery operated beard trimmer is typical of most Remington shaver models, we carry Remington Razor and Trimmer models that have an AC adaptor or take AA batteries. For a close shade, any Remington ultra smooth shaver will give you a clean shave on your face or body.
Men’s Remington shaver, razor, and trimmer products are our most popular Remington shavers. A standard Remington electric shaver has three independent rotary blades that adjust to the shape of the face. Most Remington electric shavers have ultra-thin heads coated with titanium so that the blades get close to the skin and the blades are self sharpening. In addition, a Remington electric shaver has a pop-up trimmer for sideburns, mustache, and the neckline. Remington electric shavers, however, don’t always have rotary blades, and we carry Remington razors like the Remington Microscreen Shaver. This Remington shaver has a super-flexing screen to fit every curve of the face and comes in a smaller size as a travel shaver.
Maintaining sideburns and a beard can take more than just a trimmer, and we carry many Remington AA battery beard and mustache trimmer models. A typical Remington trimmer doesn’t trim just a beard, however, and we carry Remington mustache trimmer models that can get finer nose and ear hairs. The Remington Precision Titanium Mustache & Beard trimmer, for example, is a two-in-one trimmer to trim down larger and smaller facial hairs. One side of the trimmer cuts finer nose and ear hairs, while the other side trims sideburns and neckline hair. A Remington Precision Titanium Mustache & Beard trimmer has titanium-coated blades, an AC adaptor and charger, and a styling comb.
A Remington trimmer isn’t just for men, however, and we carry Remington bikini trimmers and Remington bump free shaver models. Remington bikini trimmers operate similar to men’s Remington trimmer models and can come with High Time lotion to combat ingrown hairs that can result from trimming and shaving and reduces after shaving rash. Remington bikini trimmers are designed for trimming hairs in the bikini area and act like any Remington ultra smooth shaver to remove unwanted hair and leave you with a clean shave. Similarly, the Remington electric shaver, Smooth and Silky Wet/Dry Shaver, can give your entire body a smooth shave, wet or dry. This women’s shaver has a body contour system much like the men’s shavers to match the curves of your body and to give you a close, even shave. Women’s Remington electric shavers have two flexing foils and a three position trimmer and are AA battery powered.
Remington shavers, including Remington trimmer, razor, and electric shaver models, are known for their quality and close shave. As we carry a range of Remington electric shavers and trimmers for men and women, you’ll find a Remington shaver to give you the closest shave possible with no cuts and razor burns.


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