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Revlon Relaxer

For straightened hair without a heated straightened, Revlon Realistic is a line of Revlon Relaxer products for all hair types. Revlon Realistic is available by itself as a relaxer or a Revlon Relaxer kit is available for various hair types. From Revlon No Lye Relaxer products to Revlon relaxers to prevent hair breakage, our selection of Revlon relaxers includes Revlon Realistic products in No Lye and No Base variations.
Revlon Realistic relaxer is Revlon’s brand of hair relaxers for all hair types, which are specified on the packaging or a hair relaxer kit or just the simple crème relaxer. Hair types that can use Revlon hair relaxers include normal and medium hair, resistant or coarse hair, and color-treated hair. Hair that has been bleached or tinted should not be used with a crème relaxer. Revlon relaxers have a no mix formula to straighten hair by double conditioning. The most basic Revlon relaxer kit is the Crème Relaxer System, a hair relaxer kit containing the relaxer cream, neutralizing shampoo, after relaxer treatment, gel cover, and protective gloves. A Revlon relaxer kit is specified to be “No Lye” or “No Base,” with the latter being a lye based hair relaxer. Although often lye is said to straighten hair better, a relaxer kit without lye is better for sensitive skin or skin more susceptible to irritation and burns.
Another Revlon relaxer kit is available, the Anti Breakage Professional Formula kit. In addition to simply relaxing the hair, the Anti Breakage Revlon Realistic fortifies and relaxes hair, reduces breakage, and moisturizes hair. This Revlon relaxer kit also has no lye and lye options. The components for this kit include a No Lye or No Base Crème Relaxer, Soft Blend Activator, conditioning neutralizing shampoo, leave-in hair treatment, gel cover, gloves, and a spatula. This kit is also available for all types of hair.
Revlon sells hair relaxers without a kit. If you simply need the Revlon relaxer cream, we carry both lye and no lye based relaxer creams for all types of hair. Revlon Realistic Cream Relaxers have jojoba seed oil and vitamin E cream for deep conditioning and, like the Revlon relaxer kits, require no mixing. These separate Revlon hair relaxers are available for fine to coarse hair, textured hair, and color treated hair. As with the kits, a hair relaxer should not be applied to color-tinted or bleached hair.


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