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Removing and bleaching unwanted body hair is a beauty goal that many women and men have and can be done with a number of waxing and bleaching products. Whether you need to bleach your facial hair, remove brow hair, or wax your legs and bikini area, we carry†Surgi wax and Surgi Invisible bleach hair bleaching cream. Surgi hair stop and hair removal cream kits are made from different parts of the body. For tips with using a Surgi Brazilian wax kit, Surgi Gentle Touch Numbing Solution can be applied before any Surgi wax hair remover. Surgi wax professional salon system products give you salon quality hair removal with both Surgi hair removal cream and Surgi care Brazilian wax kits, as well as bleaching and Surgi cream brow shapers for eyebrow hair removal.

Surgi waxing and Surgi cream kits include many wax hair removal kits for the face.†Surgi facial hair stop and other Surgi waxing kits include wax strips or wax rollers that can be used on the upper lip, cheeks, chin, and brow that can remove hair for up to six weeks. While some of these kits come with a soothing gel made with aloe, chamomile, and cucumber to moisturize the skin afterwards, Surgi hair stop for face and waxing can come as strips or a wax roller to be warmed by the hands, a plug-in electric warmer, or a microwave. When warmed by hands, Surgi strips removal involves pulling the wax strips off your facial skin, and, when the wax is warmed by an electric warmer or microwave and applied by a wax applicator, Surgi strips removal is essentially the same process for removing hair.

Using a†Surgi Brazillian wax kit is similar to using Surgi hair stop for face or a facial waxing kit, only Surgi care Brazilian wax is applied all over the body. As this can be longer than facial waxing, tips with using Surgi Brazilian wax kit include using Surgi Gentle Touch Numbing solution beforehand, as this product is designed to numb the skin to make waxing less painful. Surgi Gentle Touch Numbing solution should be applied before using a Surgi bikini wax or Surgi Brazilian wax kit and should be applied to the waxing area with a cotton ball. Using latex gloves to apply†Surgi Gentle Touch Numbing solution will prevent numbing in your fingers or hands before using a Surgi Brazilian wax kit and the solution should dry for one minute before applying any wax.

Surgi Invisi Bleach†hair bleaching cream is an alternative to facial waxing. Surgi Invisi bleach hair bleaching cream lightens body hair when you apply a combination of peroxide and wax and over time can lighten unwanted body hair. One application of Surgi Invisi bleach hair bleaching cream can lighten and soften darker facial and body hair.

Other Surgi waxing kits include Surgi cream eyebrow shapers, an alternative to tweezing unwanted eyebrow hair. Surgi cream eyebrow shapers have eyebrow wax shapes that are pre-cut and can be pressed on. After Surgi cream eyebrow shapers sit for a few minutes, they can be pulled off to reveal better shaped eyebrows. Surgi cream brow shapers can handle both thicker eyebrow hair and finer hairs that often arenít caught with tweezers.

As with any hair removal or bleaching products, always do a test area first to test for sensitivity. Irritation can occur from any waxing product, especially to sensitive skin, and Surgi cream to reduce redness or soften hairs can be used beforehand or afterwards. Surgi cream bikini and leg depilatory can be used to soften hairs beforehand and a Surgi cream for reducing redness and irritation can be used afterwards on your body and face.


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