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Triple Lanolin Hand and Body Lotion

Triple Lanolin Hand and Body Lotion gives your skin the care and nutrients it needs to be smooth and healthy looking. The Triple Lanolin Hand and Body Lotion formula contains natural lanolin and Aloe Vera, two of nature’s most powerful emollients. You skin will be quenched and moisturized the first time you use it. Cold weather, harsh chemicals and exposure to the sun can make you skin feel tight and irritated. As you age your skin reduces the natural substances that keep it hydrated and youthful in appearance. Triple Lanolin Hand and Body Lotion replaces your skin’s natural emollients and keeps it feeling smooth and supple.

Lanolin is derived from lamb and sheep’s wool. It is nature’s protection from heat, cold, and moisture. Studies have shown that lanolin is one of the gentlest and most effective natural moisturizers on the market today and lanolin has been used for centuries in cosmetics and lotions. Aloe Vera is famous for its healing properties and is another one of nature’s gifts. The Aloe Vera plant produces a soothing gel that has also been used for centuries on dry and irritated skin to soothe and renew it. When combined lanolin and Aloe Vera are doubly effective for soothing irritated skin and making your skin feel and look healthy.

You can use Triple Lanolin Hand and Body Lotion every day. It is gentle enough to use on children and woman who are expecting can use it to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Lanolin and Aloe Vera are effective and natural ingredients making Triple Lanolin Hand and Body Lotion a good choice if you are concerned about living a Green Lifestyle. Try some today and see the difference natural ingredients make. At Hair Care Products we take pride in offering you one of the finest lotions available today.


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