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With a name like Tweezerman, tweezers are the specialty, although Tweezerman makes other face, nail, and feet trimming products, including Tweezerman stainless scissors, eyelash curlers, and nail clippers and scissors. Tweezerman makes clippers, scissors, and tweezers for men and women and are often made from stainless steel. From trimming hang nails and mustache hairs to plucking fine hairs, Tweezerman products are high-quality trimming and body maintenance products.
Tweezerman men’s products include products for facial grooming, and this includes Tweezerman stainless scissors and Tweezerman tweezers. The Tweezerman Grooming Kit, for example, includes a nail file, Tweezerman nail clippers, Tweezerman stainless scissors for facial hairs, and steel point tip tweezers for plucking fine hairs. While many of these Tweezerman tweezer and nail products can also be used by women, the combination is designed for trimming male facial hair and nails. Other men’s Tweezerman products include Tweezerman stainless scissors for mustache hairs. Rather than using an electric trimmer, trim any excess hairs and shape your mustache with a stainless steel pair of scissors, and you can use it for the same grooming uses as Tweezerman nasal hair removers for fine nose hairs.
Women’s grooming products by Tweezerman, on the other hand, include products like the Tweezerman eyelash curler and corner curler, Tweezerman nail scissors, and Tweezerman cuticle nippers. Tweezerman nail and face products for women are for grooming and clipping any facial hairs but also keeping nails and cuticles trimmed properly. Some of the Tweezerman nail products we carry include a four-way nail buffer with four different surfaces for filing nails, Tweezerman cuticle nippers, and Tweezerman pedicure tools. Tweezerman cuticle nippers help with clipping any hangnails and also with removing acrylic nails. As the points on Tweezerman cuticle nippers are sharp, make sure to only use them on dead skin. For Tweezerman pedicure tools, our selection of Tweezerman foot tools includes many instruments used for a pedicure, including pumice stones and other Tweezerman callus razors and tools for trimming and removing ingrown toe nails.
Women’s products by Tweezerman include many products for makeup preparation, as well, including Tweezerman eyelash curlers, corner curlers, and Tweezerman sharpening tools for eyeliner and lip liner pencils. A Tweezerman eyelash curler is a rounded curler with a silicone pad on the end to curl and not crease eyelashes. When using a Tweezerman eyelash curler, curl your eyelashes first before applying mascara. If you can’t curl the inner corners of your eyelashes, a Tweezerman corner curler can curl those inner eyelashes so that your eyelashes are evenly curled. In addition, a Tweezerman sharpening tool can sharpen all makeup pencils and, for ease of application, we carry a Tweezerman mirror with twelve times the magnification of a standard makeup mirror.


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