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(4)1 - 4
(4)1 - 4
Clippers are a staple in a barber or stylists tool chest. Along with clippers, attachment combs are a must have item, also. Without the proper size and style of attachment combs, a clipper is just an electric razor. Attachment combs can help you to achieve the polished professional haircuts your clients demand. For the home user, attachment combs can be a lifesaver and make haircutting a much easier task.

There are two types of attachment combs. One is a plastic guide that clips onto the head of a clipper or trimmer. They come in several sizes ranging from 0 or 3/8 all the way up to 8 or 1. These are easy to use and snap on and off in a matter of seconds. The other style is a clipper comb similar to the head of the clipper. These also come in graduated sizes and are easy to use. Which type of attachment comb you choose will depend on the brand and style of your clipper or trimmer.

One of the most popular hair cuts for men is the fade. For a fade, use a number 2 or 3 attachment comb on the sides of the head up to the crown. You can then either use shears or the clipper with a 5 or 6 attachment comb on the crown. After you have done this, use a comb and your clippers with either no attachment comb (your have to have a steady hand for this) or a number 1. Holding the clippers at an angle, use a cutting comb and blend the hair on the sides with the hair on the crown.

No matter what style of clipper or trimmer you have, we have the attachment combs that will make your haircuts stand out. We carry individual attachment combs or sets. Whether you need to replace just one or you are starting out and need a complete set, you can be assured that all of our attachment combs are made of the highest quality materials guaranteed to meet your haircutting needs.
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