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For years, barbers and hairstylists alike have relied on high-quality clippers and trimmers to achieve well crafted men’s haircuts. Whether you’re a barber, stylist, or looking to achieve a salon-quality cut at home, professional clippers and trimmers, as well as the accessories that go with them, are a necessity.

Clippers have been around for nearly 100 years. The first clippers were made by Wahl in 1919. Wahl, as well as other brands like Oster, Andis, and Conair have continued to bring new clippers and trimmers to the market over the past century, but the clippers and trimmers have become much more than the simple design introduced a century ago.

Today’s clippers come in variety of colors, sizes, and with increased versatility in styling and cutting hair. Cordless clippers and trimmers give you freedom and versatility in barbering and hairdressing.

In addition to clippers, to obtain truly professional results, a trimmer is essential. Trimmers are similar to clippers, but they are smaller and lighter. They allow you to trim hard-to-reach areas like ears and neckline, and can also be used for facial hair. Trimmers, like clippers, come in cordless or corded options. You can choose the style and functionality that is best suited for your specific hair-cutting techniques.

Good trimmers and clippers are designed so they can be used daily for years to come. Even though they are small, they do have very powerful shunt or rotary motors that give maximum power with minimum vibration. Clippers and trimmers today are ergonomically designed to be powerful, yet stay cool and quiet to meet your haircutting needs.

Clipper & Trimmer Combo
If you are short on space you may consider purchasing a clipper & trimmer combo. This tool combines the best of both worlds. You get the power of a clipper to create stunning cuts and the versatility of a trimmer to clean up the details. Nothing makes a hair cut look professional than attention to detail. A trimmer will clean up necklines, edge a men’s cut and trim facial hair. You can even get creative with a trimmer and make you beard or facial hair look unique.

We have several styles and colors of clipper & trimmer combos. You can choose from corded or cordless models. Many of the cordless models can be stored in their charging stations to save space and time. If it is handy then you won’t have to search for the tool when you need it.

All of our clipper & trimmer combos come with guides. Selecting the correct guide enables you to get the hair the correct length and obtain a professional look. Many of the combos come with cleaning brushes and clipper oil to keep your clipper/trimmer running smooth. To keep your tool in tip top condition, you should clean and oil it after each use. Many state boards require you to spray your clipper/trimmer after each client with disinfectant. You can find this here, too.

All of our products are of the finest quality from manufacturers who stand behind their products. We have the best selection anywhere and we are sure that you will find the right clipper/trimmer combo to give you the professional results you and your clients demand.

Clipper-Trimmer Combined
To get truly professional quality results, you not only need quality clipper but you also need a quality trimmer. A trimmer will give you a finished and polished look that your clients demand. Home users will find a trimmer handy for finishing a cut and trimming up facial, ear and nose hairs. You can even get creative and use a clipper and trimmer to cut designs in hair and beards.

There is no need to buy separate tools, we carry several clipper and trimmer sets. You can choose from cordless and corded sets. Most of them have attachment combs included as well as cleaning brushes and clipper oil to keep your tool running smoothly. The state boards of many states require you to spray and clean your clippers and trimmers after each client with disinfectant and we have that here, too.

We’ve all seen men with creative designs in their clipper cuts. This is achieved by using a clipper for the cut and a trimmer for the designs. Using a number 2 attachment comb, give your client an all over clipper cut. Now using your trimmer you can let your talent really show by carefully “carving” scrolls, lightening bolts, initials or even words into the hair. After you are done with the cut, edge the hairline to give it a clean finished look. You can become known for your “hair artistry” and increase your client base and money in your pocket.

All of our clipper and trimmer combinations are of the highest quality. They are guaranteed to give you professional results and give you a perfect cut every time. No matter which set you choose or what your cutting needs are, we have the right tool for the right job.

Home & Student Hair-Cutting Kits
With our home and student hair cutting kits you’ll be cutting hair like a pro in no time. Each kit contains everything you need to get started cutting hair. Why buy each item separately when these kits have it all? Whether you’re a mom looking to save time and money by cutting your family’s hair or a student just starting out, we have the right kit for you.

Many of our home and student hair cutting kits contain a complete selection of cutting tools. You can find a durable and sturdy electric clipper complete with a full set of attachment combs, a variety of combs, scissors and clipper oil and clipper cleaning brush. Some of the kits are corded and many are cordless. The cordless styles offer portability that enables you to carry your hair cutting kit to and from school each day. Home users will find the cordless models easy to store since many can be stored right in their charging stations.

As a home stylist or student, you need tools that are not only dependable but easy to use. All of our kits are assembled with these guidelines in mind. The manufactures know that home and student stylists demand the same quality and durability as a professional barber or beautician. Each item in our home and student hair cutting kits is made of the highest quality materials and guaranteed to give you professional results. Some kits even have guides to help you learn to cut hair like a pro.

No matter what your home or student needs are we have a kit that is perfect for you. Browse our selection and make your choice and save not only money but time with our home and student hair cutting kits.

Non-Cordless Clippers & Trimmers
Anyone who cuts hair needs dependable clippers and trimmers. Men’s, and some women’s, precise cuts depend on the use of clippers and nothing gives your cuts a professional look like the use of a trimmer. With a clipper you can achieve the classic men’s fade and high and tight cuts. Use a trimmer to clean and edge around the hairline, clean up the neckline and shape and trim facial hair. You can even use a trimmer to get creative and “carve” intricate designs in the hair.

Non-cordless clippers and trimmers are some of the most powerful hair cutting tools available to today’s barbers and stylists. Many offer varying cutting speeds and have adjustable blades. There are several colors and styles available in non-cordless clippers and trimmers and we’re sure to have one that you will find suitable for your needs.

You can choose a full size clipper for everyday use or a compact size for portability. We carry several brands including Andis, Babyliss, Conair and Wahl. Clippers and trimmers come separately or in sets. All of the manufacturers take pride in their products and guarantee them to be durable and sturdy.

If you select a clipper and trimmer combo, you will receive a complete set of hair cutting tools. Many of our kits come with the clipper, trimmer, attachment combs, clipper oil and cleaning brush. To keep your clippers and trimmers running smoothly, they should be cleaned and oiled after each use. We also carry the spray disinfectant that many state boards require for infection control between clients.

Whether you are a professional or home hair stylist, we have the right tool for the job. All of our products are made of the finest quality materials and we guarantee that you will be happy with your purchase.

Personal Grooming, Shaving & Trimming
In today’s world success or failure in the business world can depend on grooming. If you are neat and groomed you give the impression of being professional, dependable and capable. Not only is grooming important for success but it is also important to give a good impression in your personal life as well. We carry a full line of personal grooming, shaving and trimming products to keep you looking your best at all time.

If you are looking for an electric shaver, we have several styles for you to choose from. Cordless electric shavers can be perfect if you travel since they can be packed up and stored in their charging stations. Corded or cordless we carry the brands that offer the best performance and durability.

Personal body shavers help you to be clean and smooth right where you want to be. Our rechargeable body shavers are designed to be used in the shower or bath. They are completely washable for cleaning and pack away in a handy pouch.

We carry a full line of grooming accessories. Keep your eyebrows, facial and ear hair in check with our personal trimmers. We even have a line of products designed to help prevent shaving bumps. Use our cleaners and disinfectant to keep your personal groomers, shavers and trimmers clean. No matter what your grooming needs, we have the tools you need to make that all important first and lasting impression.

All of our products are made of the finest quality materials and are guaranteed to give you professional results. We are sure you will be completely satisfied with your purchases.

T-Blade Trimmers
A trimmer can give your hair cuts a professional edge. A t-blade trimmer not only gives you a professional edge, but gives you precise cutting and trimming. The t-blade design enables you to get around ears and hard to reach places with ease. You can use your trimmer to edge hair cuts, trim beards and facial hair and to create interesting designs. The t-blade is the perfect tool for creative cuts and intricate designs that many young men are sporting today.

You can choose from several styles and models of t-blade trimmers. If you need portability you can choose a cordless model. These offer not only quality but performance. They can be easily stored in their charging stations to save space. Cordless trimmers are perfect if you travel. The Andis Slimline Cord/Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer is a sleek and stylish choice. Its sliver case is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand and give you hours of service before it has to be recharged.

Since the 1880’s Oster has manufactured quality haircutting products. The Oster T-Finisher Trimmer is no exception. It has a quiet and powerful motor and comes with clipper oil and a cleaning brush. All trimmers should be cleaned and oiled between uses to keep them running smoothly. We also carry spray disinfectant required by most state boards for use between clients for infection and sanitation control.

All of our t-blade trimmers are of the highest quality and we guarantee that they will give you the professional results you need. Many of them carry a one year warrantee from the manufacturer. No matter which model or style you choose, we guarantee you will be satisfied.
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