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Eventually over time even the best clipper blades get dull. You need your blades to be sharp and free of nicks to glide through hair easily and give you an even cut every time. Your clients demand the best and if your blades are dull, you canít deliver. We carry replacement blades for almost every brand and type of clipper made.

Ceramic replacement blades are durable and move through the hair smoothly. Our metal blades are durable and deliver a precise cut. No matter which style you prefer, you will find that our replacement blades are of the highest quality and made of the finest materials. We even carry the disinfectant and cleaners required by most state boards for use between clients.

To keep your replacement blades sharp and performing at their best, it is wise to store them so that they do not knock into each other. This can make them dull and when you use a dull blade, there is a chance of snagging and catching the hair. No matter what style or type of replacement blades you choose, we guarantee that you will be satisfied. So now there is no excuse for you to use dull ineffective blades. Replace them today with our quality replacement blades.
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