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Brush and Comb Your Way to Great Style

Most likely, you rarely give much thought to where your hair comb or brush came from. But, you probably use it every, single day. Combs were one of the first beauty inventions to come about more than 5,000 years ago. Brushes (for paint) have been around for as long as 2.5 million years, and we know they were often used for hair, too.

Over time, combs have evolved into more efficient tools for hair maintenance and hair care. Throughout the centuries, tortoise shell and horn became the most common materials used in combs, because they could be easily molded, cooled, and shaped. Today, combs are made of many different types of material, including plastic, ceramic, gold, metal and more. Combs are a general beauty item that can be found in any part of the world, made from a variety of styles and materials. Combs have teeth that are called combdrumbs, and the size and spacing of the combdrumbs vary by comb. Choose a comb with the size and spacing that best suits your needs.

Like combs, brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each serve a different purpose. The Paddle Brush is flat and wide and is used for to straighten and smooth long hair. The Cushion Style Brush is good for a mild scalp massage which is good for healthy hair. This brush will help smooth out your style. The Sculpting Brush is great for backcombing and adding volume to short styles. Thermal Round brushes are popular for using when styling your hair with a blow dryer. Choose a size that fits the tightness of curl you want.

Both brushing and combing your hair is important for maintaining healthy, shiny hair.

All-Purpose Combs
All purpose combs come in many shapes and styles. Perfect for everyday use, all purpose combs can serve a variety of uses. The wide teeth on a volume comb are perfect for getting tangles out of wet or dry hair. It can also be used after teasing to lift hair and give it maximum volume. The wide teeth help to get into the hair and prevent the comb from becoming tangled and stuck.

A backcomb is the stylistís choice for teasing and backcombing. The varied lengths of the narrow teeth grasp the hair and allow for the perfect amount of backcombing and smoothing. Its pointed handle helps to section and lift the hair. This is the perfect comb to create high lift styles without snarls.

Use a long handle comb for long or wet hair. The handle lets you get a good grip on the comb and the wide teeth are gentle on wet hair. This comb is the perfect choice if you have long hair since the handle gives you the control you need and the wide teeth prevent breakage.

Other all purpose combs include a barber comb that has wide and narrow teeth and a tapered shape. This comb is used by barbers to help achieve that perfect clipper cut and fade. Hair stylists use the cutting comb that has narrow teeth and rounded edges for lifting and holding hair while using scissors, shears and blending shears. The traditional all purpose comes with rounded edges and wide and narrow teeth. It has been a classic choice for generations. Easy to use and an essential tool for professionals and clients alike, traditional combs are portable and durable for everyday use.

Whatever comb suits your needs, you can be assured that they are made of the highest quality materials and many of the styles are available in an assortment of colors including tortoise so you can be stylish and well groomed.

Ceramic & Thermal Brushes
Todayís styles demand performance in the tools you use from a brush to a flat iron. New advances in technology have delivered superior products that not only help dry and style your hair faster and more precisely but help your hair to look its best and be healthy. Our brushes feature ergonomic no-slip handles and are perfectly balanced. They will give you the durability to style even the longest and thickest hair.

Our lines of ceramic brushes come in several styles and sizes. The ceramic core helps retain heat and some models actually change color when the optimum heat temperature is reached. This ensures that heat does not damage the hair. It also helps to control frizz. The ceramic shaft also aids in straightening the hair by delivering deep heat when used with a blow dryer. This will help you create the smooth sleek styles your clients want.

Another breakthrough in technology is the use of tourmaline. Tourmaline is a natural mineral when used in styling tools cuts drying time by producing negative ions. Negative ions help to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle to create shine. They also produce far-infrared heat. This type of heat penetrates the hair from deep within to dry your hair faster and this prevents damage from exposure to high heat for long periods of time.

The ionic nylon bristles on many of our ceramic and thermal brushes control frizz by closing the hairís cuticle and creating shine. Bio Ionic Boar Bristles on some models also improve shine, tame frizz and control static. Boar bristles are the top of the line natural choice for superior performance. They help to seal spit ends and give distribute the natural scalp oils to make hair not only shiny but healthy.

All of our ceramic and thermal brushes are made of top quality materials and are guaranteed to give professional results.

Ceramic, Ionic & Thermal Combs
There are times when you need a comb and nothing else will do to help you get the sleek smooth style youíre trying to achieve. Now you can choose a ceramic or thermal comb to hold and deliver the heat right where you need it.

Ceramic combs not only retain heat when used with a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron, but they also help to seal the cuticle of the hair to make it shiny and healthy. This heat helps control frizz and prevents damage to the hair because high intense heat is not needed to achieve maximum results. Some models of our combs are specifically designed to be used with a flat iron. They have picks attached that aid in the separation of the hair and help to prevent you from becoming burned by the flat ironís high heat.

One of the latest innovations in styling tools is the use of tourmaline. Tourmaline produces negative ions that help dry the hair faster and seal the cuticle layer. It also produces high infrared heat that penetrates the hair shaft and makes the hair dry quicker. This not only cuts down on your drying time but helps to avoid damage from heat exposure.

Our ceramic and thermal combs are designed to be balanced and sturdy. They have the strength and flexibility to aid you in styling even the thickest long hair. All of our styling products are of the finest quality and guaranteed to give you professional results.

Dressing Combs
Dressing combs can serve a variety of uses. From styling, blow drying or finishing a style a high quality dressing comb is an essential tool for professionals and home users alike. What makes a dressing comb so versatile is its design. The dual width teeth provide the right control to detangle wet hair, tease hair for updos and smooth hair after styling. Our combs come in a variety of materials all guaranteed to do the job.

One new material is ceramion. Ceramion is made of tourmaline crystals. These crystals are a naturally occurring semi-precious mineral. The minerals in ceramion produce ions when brushed over your hair and do several things for your hair. They help to clean, refresh your hair and scalp, and reduce frizz. The electrical charge produced by ceramion combs help to make hair less brittle and make your hair sleek, smooth and shiny. Ceramion is naturally resistant to heat and is ideal for use with high heat appliances such as flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers.

Our hard rubber combs are made from 100% natural hard rubber. These combs are made of one of the most durable materials available today. Their non-porous surface protects them from harsh chemicals and since they are made from hard rubber they are naturally resistant to heat. You can use our hard rubber combs to style, detangle wet hair and for high heat styling. They will not melt from the heat of a flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer.

All of our combs feature rounded teeth that massage the scalp and help to stimulate its natural oils which help hair to be strong and healthy. We guarantee that you will find our high quality styling combs to be dependable and sturdy.

Flattopper Combs
No matter what advancements are made in the cosmetology and barber industry, nothing will replace the flat-top cutting comb. Barbers and hairstylist have relied on the flat-top comb to help them achieve the precise clipper cuts men demand. It unique form and shape help to lift and hold hair so that you can glide the clippers across it and make an even cut. No other comb can deliver like this one can.

Not only does this comb help to create the perfect flat-top but it aids in the blending of the sides of the hair. The even teeth on this comb help you to make the transition from close side cuts to the flat-top section seamless.

Our flat-tops combs are made of high quality durable plastic. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to large. They also come in a wide range of colors including black, maroon, sky blue, yellow and a variety pack.

All of our flat-top cutting combs are guaranteed to give you professional results. They are heat and chemical resistant. Stock up and be ready for action when you need a precise tool for a precise cut.

Ionic Combs
Ceramion combs are made from tourmaline (Crystal), which is a semi-precious mineral that helps to thoroughly clean, protect, and refresh hair and scalp. The minerals in ceramion combs release ions when brushed over hair. These electrically charged ions allow for superior scalp conditioning, stimulate hair follicles and reduce hair loss. The electrically charged particles emitted by ceramion combs also help eliminate frizz, brittleness and create hair that is silky smooth and full of body and shine. Ceramion combs can endure high heat and are aerodynamically designed to ensure even heat distribution when blow-drying for superior performance. Ceramion combs utilized the finest quality and workmanship to provide the best brushes for styling and management of all types of hair, even the unruly, tangled, and problem hair

Ionic combs are made of ceramion derived from the crystal tourmaline. This semi-precious mineral produces ions when combed through the hair. These ions help to clean, protect and refresh the hair and scalp. The electrically charged ions help to smooth the hair and control frizz and brittleness. Ceramion combs are resistant to high heat and perfect for use with a flat iron, curling iron and blow dryer and are the answer to detangling wet and fragile hair.

We offer several different styles of ionic combs. Choose an ionic styling comb for general use and finishing styles. This all purpose comb can serve you in many jobs. Its slim profile makes it easy to manipulate and a versatile tool. If you need a dependable tool to help you create fingerwaves, the fingerwave ionic comb is your tool of choice. Barbers will find the ionic flat-top and slanted ionic barber combs perfect for creating precise clipper cuts. The long thin handle of the ionic rat tail comb is perfect for separating hair for roller sets.

All of our ionic combs are made of the finest materials. We guarantee they will help you to produce professional results.

Mason Pearson
The Mason Pearson brush is named after the English born inventor of the same name who in the mid 1860ís joined the British Steam Brush Works, in Londonís East End. The British Steam Brush Works later became Raper Pearson and Gill. Their main product was hair brushes. Mason Pearson developed a machine to speed up brush manufacturing in 1885 and in the same year invented the ďpneumaticĒ rubber-cushion hairbrush.

Since that time little has changed about the Mason Pearson brush line. The company has strived to maintain Mason Pearsonís original quest to produce the finest brush available. Many of the components of their brushes are made and manufactured by hand. Todayís models are very similar to the classic designs that were developed by the 1920ís. Mason Pearson brushes are still the standard by which all other brushes are measured.

What sets Mason Pearson brushes apart from the rest is the unique rubber-cushion pad that is still made by hand with Mason Pearsonís techniques. This rubber-cushion holds the bristles firmly but allows for flexibility and efficient brushing. Regular brushing massages the scalp and distributes the natural oils through the hair to make it healthy and shiny.

We carry several sizes and styles of Mason Pearson brushes from extra large to childís size. The cellulose handles are ergonomically made and hand-polished. This ensures that any sharp edges have been removed and the handles are smooth. Many of the brushes have natural bristles or Mason Pearsonís own special nylon that has been designed to be gentle on the hair and stimulating to the scalp.

All of our products are guaranteed to give you professional results. You can be assured that our line of Mason Pearson brushes are genuine and of the highest quality. Try one today and see the difference a classic brush that has withstood the test of time can make in your styling needs.

Pik Combs
Ever since the 1970ís pik combs have been not only a styling tool but a fashion statement. Who can forget the iconic afro with a pik comb stuck in the back? In the 1980ís when curly perms and high hair was in style, the pik comb was the tool of choice. It could comb through curls without causing frizz and help to lift the trademark 80ís hair up and out. Once regulated only to ethnic hair, the pik comb is once again valued for its versatility and styling use. Today with the afro making a comeback the pik comb is showing up in stylistís tool sets once again. Not only does it fluff your fro out to extreme height, but it is also used to lift roller styles and detangling wet hair.

Feeling retro? Choose the Hot Waves Fist Pik or the Magic Fist Pik. Both come in black with a fist on the handle. These bring back the 70ís and let you show off your funky side. One model has metal teeth while the other comes with plastic teeth. Both will give you ease of use and styling.
We also have pik combs in classic tortoise finish. The Mebco Medium Lift Pik comb has medium set teeth and gives you lift and detangling for even the thickest hair.

If you need to fluff your fro, lift your style or detangle a mass of wet hair, the pic comb is the tool for you. All of our products are of the finest quality and are guaranteed to give you professional results. Choose from our selection of pik combs and whether your choice is classic or funky, youíll get a quality styling tool.

Rectangular Vented Brushes
Ever since the popularity of blow dryer in the 1970ís vented brushes have been a popular tool. The design of the vented brush compliments the blow dryer perfectly. Not only is the brush body itself vented, but the bristles of the brush are heat resistant and rounded on the end to prevent damage to your scalp and hair.

The best way to use a vented brush is to gather hair in the brush and glide it through while holding the blow dryer on the other side. Since the brush is vented, the hot air will flow through the hair and the brush and cut down on the drying time. A shorter drying time means less heat on your hair and less of a chance for damage. Since you can use the brush in conjunction with a blow dryer, it also cuts down on your styling time. You can style and dry the hair at once.

Not only are vented brushes good for blow drying, but they can be used to detangle wet hair. Wet hair is fragile and the large brush head allows you to be gentle yet effective in removing tangles. Ceramic brushes release negative ions when exposed to heat to help control frizz. The ceramic material also distributes heat evenly throughout the hair. Tourmaline crystals in our Ceramion vented brushes also create negative ions when brushed through the hair which help to cut down on drying time and make your hair smooth and shiny.

We carry several styles and brands of vented brushes. You are sure to find one that is perfect for your hair styling needs. All of our products are made of the finest materials and guaranteed to give you professional results.

Nylon Brushes
Nylon brushes have become the most popular brushes with stylists and home users alike. They are sturdy and heat-resistant. You can use them to gently detangle hair, with a blow dryer or as a styling tool for brushing out and finishing styles. Many of them are made entirely of nylon, including the handles and the bristles. Some have wooden handles with nylon and natural boar bristles. Whichever style you prefer, nylon brushes are gentle on your hair and scalp.

The Ace Club nylon brush features a warm comfortable wood handle that is designed for everyday grooming and styling. The natural boar and nylon bristles are perfectly designed to be gently on your scalp. They distribute your scalpís natural oils to make your hair smooth and healthy. Natural boar bristle brushes should be cleaned in a lukewarm water and shampoo. After rinsing, dry the brush face down in the open air.

The unique style of the Denman folding brush makes it perfect to pack in your pocket, purse or suitcase for travel. The bristles fold up into the round case that has a mirror on the lid for convenience. Its nylon bristles are rounded on the ends to provide a gentle scalp massage.

Mason Pearson has made quality brushes since the mid 1860ís. The nylon handles are still hand polished to ensure that all sharp edges are removed. The nylon and natural boar bristles sit in a hand crafted rubber-cushion pad that gives the brush the flexibility to be sturdy yet gentle on your hair and scalp. The Mason Pearson Company has strived to maintain the standards of quality set by the inventor, Mason Pearson himself.

All of our nylon brushes are made of the finest materials and guaranteed to give you professional results. Whatever your styling needs and preferences, we have the right tool to give you beautiful hair.
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