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When your grandmother shopped for hair setters, she probably just selected the only hair setters on the shelf. Today, hair setters are made with different materials, come in various sizes, and include features like negative ions—leaving your hair moisturized, conditioned, and shiny—and in better shape than before. When it comes to hair setters, you have a lot more choices than your grandmother did. And with the gorgeous, shiny, bouncy results you’ll get from today’s setters, it’s safe to say these aren’t your grandmother’s hair setters. allows you to shop various hair setters and get the best information on each. You can compare the trendiest brands like Hot Tools, Caruso, and Babyliss. You can select only hair setters that carry a certain amount of rollers, or only rollers that utilize the latest technology—like Nano Titanium, which will leave your hair in better condition than before you used the rollers! Or, you can check out Ionic Steam Rollers that heat up quickly and are infused with the highest number of ions to soften hair, while creating long-lasting curls without frizz and with tons of shine.

Instead of going to the store and selecting whichever hair setters are on the shelf, check out our shop and compare option. You’ll get a better idea of what each roller set includes, and how it’s features can benefit your hair. We think you will find just what you are looking for!
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